A Green Heart


Text: Lawrence Julius    Photo: Lee Chin Aik

Peter Hoffmann

Peter Hoffmann originates from Germany, he was looking for a new challenge and found himself being involved in green projects around the world. He is now in Malaysia.

After finishing his studies, Peter started an engineering company in Germany. After 15 years, he decided that it was time for something new.

“It was like I was living in a plate, I wanted to climb out,” says Peter, Senior Director and Energy Efficiency Expert from Hijau Innovative Solutions.

After getting a taste of the world, he wanted more. His experience in green solutions has found him working with a lot of people, from Australians to Americans to Chinese to Singaporeans.

“It is very exciting to work with Hijau.”

Peter has been in Malaysia for four years now, and is residing in Penang. He considers himself a citizen of the world and doesn’t limit himself to the nationality that is printed on his passport.

“If I had to work in the Philippines for another four years, I’d go.”

For Peter, green has always been a way of life. “In Europe, green is normal.”

And you can imagine his shock when he saw Malaysians carrying groceries in plastic bags for the first time.

“Green is nothing new,” he adds and he believes Malaysia is picking up the ball. But he warns of a danger where the word “green” is used too liberally.

“Everyone is calling everything green,” he says and advises that we should be more aware of what is green and what is not.

His involvement in green was through passion. “It comes from the heart.”

He lives the life of a green man. He doesn’t use air-conditioning much, he uses energy efficiently, and he tries to reduce his carbon footprint whenever possible. But he also believes in being practical.

“I am not Mr Green,” he says jokingly, and even for a man working in the green solutions sector, he needs to be efficient.

“I need a car to do business, but given an electric car, I’d be more than happy.”

Peter enjoys jungle-trekking and scuba diving whenever the busy schedule permits, it gives him the chance to check up on nature.

“I like to spend my free time in nature. I get to see how messed up things are,” he says and he has seen a lot.

“It’s sad to see plastic bags in 40m deep water killing corals.”

The effects of human industry can be found everywhere we go now, while it is quite obvious, people seem to be reluctant of doing anything. Peter is a normal man, he is a businessman but he applies green thinking. He shows that anyone, how busy they are, can be green. The question is not why, it is why not?