Make No Room For Cubbyholes


By Nicole Tan Ching Ling

At least, not in the living room for contemporary wall bookshelves are far better

When man came to realize the importance of literacy, the number of leather, papyrus and bamboo scrolls, and books rose then, came the need for huge shelves to house them – in the studies of book lovers’ homes, in the private and public libraries. Some bookshelves are so huge that they run the entire length and height of one or more walls.

Ideal For The Living Room
Such huge bookshelves are great centerpieces in the living room only when the books they shelve are well-organized – according to their heights, thicknesses or colours. But, it takes an ultra-organized person to keep the huge collection of books organized – at all times. If you are not one, small or minimalist wall bookshelves would appeal to you.

Contemporary Wall Bookshelves
Their designs are simple therefore unlike wall sculptures, photo frames, framed paintings and wall decals that are excellent at accumulating dust and often have difficult-to-clean textured surfaces, contemporary wall bookshelves save you from tedious cleaning. Despite the simplicity of their designs, they are decorative and very functional. Best of all, books can be left unorganized on these shelves as messiness is an art itself. You might find some of the designs here are just for your liking.

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