Unbelievable Beijing!


The enthusiastic morning crowd on the first day.

A common sight at the exhibition over four days.

Van Gogh in action.

Undaunted to venture abroad. Right here, Singapore.

Chinese begin accepting mortgage financing for their properties, a stark contrast from the past.

Straight forward presentation.

10am on a Thursday morning, crowd inside, crowd outside!

What is often noted about China is the sheer size in everything they do, and everything that represents them – billion population, legendary royal dynasties, the only one Great Wall, most visited World Expo, Yao Meng.

And how about thier recent property exhibition? It is like nothing you’ve ever seen!

Battalions of crowd thronged the halls in the first hour starting 9am! That’s how eager and early the Chinese were. Never mind the eight measures introduced since January by the government to cool overheating estate prices; the dragons came from all provinces to scour their golden eggs at the 4th Beijing Overseas Property & Investment Show.

Spread over four days in April, this spring installment blossomed with a certain buzz that leaves a lasting impression, long after you’ve boarded your departing flight. It’s like the entire weekend of Matta Fair every second, every day!

Hall 1 – the prime and glitziest builders showcased their creations in breathtaking creativity – girls dressed like angels and brides, men as gold statues, fish pond with swimming fishes, artists painting a goddess swaying on a swing outside a double-story villa show model. Need we say more?

And when the Chinese build, they build! Ordinary would be six towers of condominiums. A little more than that, 10, 15 towers just by one developer. And if you take a closer look, every development has a signature exterior, just like how the cosmopolitan Beijing is, exuding a character uniquely the developer’s own and uniquely a Chinese one.

Hall 2 – looking more familiar in size but certainly not in numbers. Walkways were jam-packed and booths overflowed. At this point, you’d be spoilt for choice and exhibitors would confess to money well spent. And if you’re eco conscious, this is the place to be to help save the planet given the amount of brochures, flyers, paper bags, name cards…

Presentations or what South East Asian exhibitions like to call it – Free Seminars – are delivered simply with just a single bunting. And buntings were lined up on stage one after another for representatives to take their turn. Presenters need only explain what their products are for the audiences know full well about real estate, the economy, appreciations, yields, size and titles.

Upstairs was reserved for foreign exhibitors who came from South Korea, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, Australia, Cyprus, Spain, United Kingdom, Canada and the Americas. And thanks to the rosy economy and perhaps also the domestic restrictions, investors now have a real reason to park their money abroad.

Although ‘upstairs and foreign’, every exhibitor enjoyed their fair share of audience. Visitors came, saw and queried. Some even returned to the scene in the following days to narrow their pick. This is how serious they are about investing, and language barrier is really no barrier at all.

Judging by the numbers and the size, it can easily be passed off as a very successful event. But not quite and not so says a Chinese sales representative selling Aussie and Canadian properties.

To him, this Beijing Property Show had a subdued presence compared to the past, a lot lesser than what it used to be. Unbelievable!

After four days and an explosive weekend of everything property, there were still people in the halls, and outside too, soliciting for more information as booths were torn down and the exhibitors packed up.

But the identical expression among the exhibitors was unmistakable, they each had nothing less than a smile, a sense of satisfaction from a job well done and the spirit of a productive weekend at the best property show ever!

Flurry of activities in Hall 1.

Not a small development in Hall 2.

Aussie investments anyone?

Mime artist is a thing of the past!