Why Green?


Developers can get a cheaper price from land banks for constructing an iconic green building and may even get reserved land lots opened up for them.

Lower risks. With support from the government and rising demand, development will not fall short.

Competitive edge over other developments as green is a substantial selling point that appeals to all. Statistics show that people in the United States are willing to pay 11% to 25% more for green developments.

Half the marketing work will be done without lifting a finger. A green building will be the talk of the town while the media generates even more buzz.

High appreciation value. A green building will have a higher market and resale value due to its sustainability features. A recent research in the US shows the global green home demand is expected to grow 900% in the next 5 years, an industry rise from US$2 billion to US$200 billion.

Increase general value of the area. Having a green building in an area will be an upgrade to the area and attract more people – more people, more business.

Healthier occupants in your building. Productivity means more income, resulting in stability.