The 8th Chapter Begins

Eddie Tan, Managing Director, TTien Media Group Sdn Bhd, publisher of homefinder.

The best of many worlds begins right here.

By Ivan Tan

In the history of this very magazine, eight years have certainly seen its days passing like that of a growing child. It went through no less the grinding challenges of every new start-up would face and the ensuing battles from the competitive marketplace. Every conceivable reason, factor, person that could go wrong, went wrong. Sometimes to no end in sight, and at times with no one on its side.

In the eight years that have passed, the property market also went from buoyant to subdued, buoyant again and then subdued once more. The market has seen the fickle RPGT making its return, and the once praises now switched to blames on bulk purchasers and of developer interest bearing schemes.

Granted that markets will indeed change, eight years is a good measure of character, sustainability and relevance. What has changed in the eight years are easily summarized as social no longer means physical get together of people, smart does not necessarily refer to you, Unifi is a broadband connection and not a learning institution, hybrid no longer only comes from plants, green is not just a color and zero down does not stem from a game.

Eight years is indeed a long time.

What is longer though is the thirst and desires to go beyond just eight. What can be longer is the vision to see beyond just numbers and bottom lines. At this very time and era where the market is taking a little breather from its steroid filled days of DIBS, easy credit, bulk investors, no RPGT and the soon to come GST, let’s go behind the scenes and find out from Eddie Tan, Managing Director of TTien Media Group Sdn Bhd, the publisher of homefinder magazine, about the nuts and bolts of this eight years, the reasons behind the inaugural exhibition and what the future holds.

Eight years in the market, tell us a little about the journey.
The journey has been the best coach and it tested every area of my life, whether at work or at home, experiencing both bitterness and joy beyond measure.
In the eight years, there was also a need to understand what is beyond my understanding. This is where I learnt that challenges will either build you when you are on the right side or destroys you when you are on the other.

As running a business also requires wisdom, it taught me about what is right and the ways to conduct my life in the right way. And the right way is to believe in having integrity in my conduct. Therefore the benefits are always mutual. When I look back, I learn to be grateful.

What are some of the memorable milestones of the journey?
When we produced our first homefinder eight years ago, I just couldn’t wait to see the first edition to be printed. Also, when I was able to serve the property industry through FIABCI Malaysia as a member of the National Committee for the term 2012 to 2014 and being the Chairman of the Young Member and Vice President of the Young Members of FIABCI International.

What are some of the key principles and lessons you or the company gained from this experience?
I learnt about having integrity in your leadership and be accountable to whatever you say and do. I also discovered two important points: One, leadership is not about self, position, fame, power and wealth. It is about having the best interest and care for those you lead first. And secondly, to continuously do good to others but firstly, you have to expect no return, then you can do it freely.

homefinder Expo Edition 2014

homefinder will be organizing its very first exhibition, what is the purpose of this exhibition?
The exhibition is more about expanding our service to help our clients to promote their properties and for the consumers to know about homefinder who has been serving the industry for more than eight years.

Who is the target audience of this exhibition?
Mainly for owner occupiers and investors.

What can the visitors expect from this exhibition?
In this exhibition, there are quite a number of exhibitors of various real estate products and speakers with different topics. As such, visitors to this event will not regret visiting our exhibition. There’s so much to learn and to gain either in terms of monetary or knowledge. Not to mention, there are prizes to be won as well. Everybody will get something back. At homefinder, we don’t brag but just practice what we preach.

What can the exhibitors expect from this exhibition?
The event was heavily promoted through billboards around Klang Valley, major newspapers, radio, homefinder website, magazine, social media and buntings running for about three months. We should be reaching out to more than one million eye balls. Therefore, I’m sure we can expect a substantial number of visitors to participate in our show. Of course, as far as our exhibitors are concerned, most of them are homefinder’s friends. In essence, we just want to make sure we over deliver.


homefinder Outlook Edition 2010 and some of the past editions (below).

What are some of the new services or programs from homefinder?
Not to be over ambitious, the current stage is more about improving our services than having new ones.

Where do you foresee homefinder heading in the coming future?
Envision homefinder to be the most trusted and reliable source when it comes to property.

What is the future like for the company?
I just act on what is in front of me, taking one step at a time. After all, it is not so much about our vision alone but rather it is very much dependent on whether our existence or our team is needed to serve the industry and consumers for its purpose. For that, we are open to and welcome all ideas and feedbacks to continuously serve according to the market needs and wants. Of course, we always hope that we are the right fit.


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