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The Asia Pacific region converges

APREC 2011 promises to be yet another memorable conference that would strike a cord with every real-estate professional. It is now in its 19th edition and for the third time Malaysia has been selected to host and organize the Congress again. The International Real Estate Federation (FIABCI), which Malaysia is a part of, has built an enviable reputation as the authentic voice of international real estate. Its concern is in generating business opportunities for its members worldwide. It has around 1,000 members in the Asia Pacific region alone.

The conference, which is divided into three main sessions – Real Estate, Economic and Environment will be delivered by over 10 key speakers from Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Australia and China. They have come together to share their experience, knowledge and strategies on the latest global and local issues with the participants.

The three-day conference will see various industry-related activities that include technical tours as well as an impressive customized social program.

On top of the exhibitions, technical tours and pre and post conference tours APREC 2011 will close with a grand celebration of Malaysia Property Award, better known as Malaysia’s Property “OSCAR” to honor excellence to the Real Estate developments in Malaysia.

What is the Asia Pacific Real Estate Congress 2011 (APREC) about?
The Asia Pacific Real Estate Congress 2011 is all about quality networking. The event gives real-estate professionals from around the world the opportunity to share ideas, discuss the industry and global issues concerning the economy and the environment.

What is the theme to this year’s event?
“Asia Pacific: The Sky is the Limit? Setting Tempo for Growth”.

What does APREC hope to achieve?
We hope to achieve our aim, which is to address the challenges and concerns faced in the industry. Our goal is also to create informative and educational knowledge for the delegates.

What makes this biennial event interesting?
The conference program sees the participation of outstanding keynote speakers who will cover the highlights of forecast for 2012, sustainability and real-estate investments. On top of the keynote speakers from Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, China and Australia, there will also be a variety of useful and industry-related activities like the technical tours that will enrich the delegates’ experience.

Who can benefit from this congress and what can they expect from it?
Anyone who are in real-estate will benefit from this congress. This will be a unique event, which is both informative and leisure-filled. The delegates can expect a lot of interactions that enable them to meet, discuss and exchange interests. It is a great way of forging lasting relationships, creating new business partners and generating new opportunities.

What is the expected attendance to this event and where are the delegates from?
We are expecting over 500 delegates from all over the world, Asia Pacific region in particular.

FIABCI Asia Pacific Real Estate Congress 2011 (APREC)

When Oct 12 to 15 2011

Where One World Hotel, Bandar Utama, Petaling Jaya, Malaysia

Participants Over 500 participants from various organizations
and countries.

Organising Chairman
Dr Yu Kee Su,
Secretary General of FIABCI Malaysia
Regional President for FIABCI Asia Pacific Committee