OSK Property Embarks on a New Journey


Award winning Mirage by the lake redefines the new residential landscape in Malaysia.

The nature-inspired Zaria at Sutera Damansara in Sungai Buloh.

Mon’t Jade in Seremban enhancing the fusion of the Balinese and tropical living concept.

The modern appeal of semi-detached units at Sutera Damansara.

Strategically located in Kuala Lumpur, Mirage Residence is designed for ultimate indulgence and exclusivity.

The exclusive and spacious semi-detached units at Bangi Lakehill Villas.

Winning the two awards is just the beginning

Winning the Asia Pacific Property Awards 2011 proved to be an amazing feat for OSK Property Holdings Bhd (OSKP), especially when contending among other bests in the Asia Pacific region.

OSKP’s Mirage by the lake bagged two awards in the categories Architecture Multiple Residence and High-Rise Architecture.

“Mirage by the lake was awarded as an outstanding residential project,” says Emily Cheng, Public Relations & Communications Personnel of OSK Property Holdings.

“It was chosen for its impressive architectural merit and design, remarkable landscaping blueprint and extensive green features.”

Emily reveals the fundamental reason behind the win.

While many reasons make Mirage by the lake a winner in judges’ eyes, OSKP’s success stems from its corporate stance, that is to deliver what matters most to people – livable space.

“It comes back to the very basic and fundamental question when you have a piece of land: how do you make it special?”

From that single aim, a masterpiece was born. And with it comes a precursor to a series of creative innovation that enhances the living environment in every one of OSKP’s development.

Mirage by the lake unfolds as a one-of-a-kind development within a unique wetlands eco-system at Cyberjaya. Taking its seat at the highest point in Cyberjaya, the panoramic view of Putrajaya Lake will grip your heart.

But beyond the location it is the architecture that leaves an almost permanent imprint in the mind. Your attention will be drawn to the grand structure of the perimeter walls, circular yet linear in nature. The vines, made to “rule” the walls create an impressive formation, enclosing a hidden treasure within.

Inside, a different realm exists, successfully put together by the award-winning designers. Condominiums, link, lake and garden villas lie in a circular formation, breaking conformity and all traditional notion of building. A tasteful concoction of salt water pools and pavilion dens lie enchantingly hidden among the trees while other state-of-the-art facilities complement the entire development.

According to Emily this is the first development in Malaysia with a circular design layout. And the teams engaged in the creation are award winners who are leaders in their own field. The combination of this wealth of knowledge, the skills and experience brings a unique concept and development.

“All this would give us the branding and the credibility to deliver a well-thought out and detailed project.”

Mirage by the lake is the most expensive development in Cyberjaya, with the biggest built-up and the highest selling price. About 75% to 80% of sales were achieved for every block launched. Winning the awards only confirms and seals that the Group is on the right track.

“Before we launched, we had the confidence the general market would appreciate the concept we are selling. So far, the response has been encouraging.”

“We are convinced the final product, once completed in 2014, will be special.”

“With the current record of 30% property appreciation in Cyberjaya, combined with the high growth rate and the property’s one-of-a-kind-concept, we are confident there will be greater potential of appreciation for Mirage by the lake.”

Enjoyable living spaces
Having been in the property industry for 14 years has not stopped OSKP from looking out for the best innovation there is to enhance the livability of space and environment. Mirage by the lake is exemplary, where 3.5 acres of the 12-acre land is dedicated to landscaping.

“We want the residents and their children to be able to enjoy the spaciousness of the parks and the greens as well as other amenities and features within the development.”

Up next is OSKP’s mixed development also in Cyberjaya. About six to seven acres of land will be developed into parks with ample green, water features and children’s playground.

The project will also undergo the green certification process. Having the developments assessed by the Green Building Index from Malaysia and the Building Construction Authority (BCA) Green Mark for future developments would be a good start on top of the green features already incorporated. This would be the assurance that OSKP is mindful of environmental sensitivities and sustainability awareness as all developments will subscribe to the overall green agenda and the Group’s philosophy.

Ahead of the game
Understanding the importance of a strong local presence, OSKP has since ventured out of their first township development in Sungai Petani, Kedah. They are now making their presence felt in eight other locations, launching eight more projects worth about RM2.5 billion in the next two years (see Future Developments, Pg 23).

“This is the most number of projects launched over the course of our 14-year history.”

“The financial strength comes from the OSK Group brand name where bankers are very confident and comfortable in lending out loans to us to embark on bigger projects that are of significance.”

From their financial quarterly report ended March 2011, the Group’s profit netted a sound RM8.73 million as compared to RM2.55 million for the same quarter in 2010. Its cash position stands at a positive of RM 63.4 million.

Moving from strength to strength, house buyers too have benefitted from their initial purchases. Using Sutera Damansara as example, prices have appreciated approximately 71% since its first launch in July 2008.

OSKP views the property market to be strong and that it will continue to be fuelled by Malaysia’s young population and the government’s plans and implementations in effect. They are also looking for opportunities to develop in the overseas market. Currently, it has presence, expertise and knowledge in the finance and investment banking sector in Singapore, Indonesia, Hong Kong, China, and Indo-China. With that network, OSKP can expand its property arm there when the time is right.

OSKP is currently undergoing a transformational phase and they have their hands on the plough to bring the company to the next level. Three years from now the Group will see their work coming to fruition. Once the transformation phase is over, OSKP will be renewed and dynamic, taking on bigger projects and replicating its success here in the other countries.

“It will take a few more years for people to see what we are working on today.”