A Spaceship in Jelutong


It’s the new attraction, turning heads in Shah Alam.

Text : Lawrence Julius

Bukit Jelutong in Shah Alam, Selangor is an upcoming neighborhood spurring with activity. That said; it still has ample space, compared to suburbs found in the Klang Valley for example. This provides the perfect opportunity for Mainstay Holdings Sdn Bhd to build a new 700,000 sq ft lifestyle, shopping and events destination called space u8 – the first shopping center in Bukit Jelutong.

Emphasizing on wide expanses, this new distinctive commercial center stars a more-than-roomy 70,000 sq ft courtyard that really makes you feel tiny in your shoes. This is truly one of space u8’s hallmarks. Sheltering the courtyard is one of the longest roof structures in the country, known as the Eye in the Sky; which also houses the longest skylight to be installed in Malaysia spanning 230 ft wide and 590 ft long. No surprises here then as this massive 70-tonne roof makes its way into the Malaysia Book of Records.

Glimpsing space u8 from a distance, the roof and courtyard will not be the first thing that catches you; it will be the façade. Terry Teo, Group Deputy Chairman of Mainstay compares space u8’s design to a “spaceship”.  As odd as it sounds, the artistic combination of curves and lines, together with colors in bold modern shades and lighting effects; it really does make the outer appearance almost out-of-worldly. Top it all off with the Sky Roof, and Terry’s description doesn’t seem so farfetched; as a matter of fact he hits it right on the head.

“We’ve spent about RM40 million to turn this place into a mall,” said Terry, an amount allocated just for the extra features, turning this place into a truly unique concept-mall. The total Gross Development Value (GDV) is RM280 million.

As the one and only lifestyle destination available in the Bukit Jelutong area, space u8 will definitely attract the crowd who once had to travel to areas such as Damansara or Subang just to find a decent mall. So it is no surprise that all 232 lots here at have been fully sold.

Events Mania
space u8 will also position itself as an events mall. It makes perfect sense; with its huge courtyard able to handle a 100,000-strong crowd, it is perfect for any type of event no matter the scale. In fact, the plans have already been drawn out; they have currently confirmed 110 events for 2012 and are welcoming partnerships to set up more events here. Tenants and visitors alike will be happy to see the added vibrancy. Terry says that the mall will be hosting around 100 to 150 events a year, so keep an eye out!

“Our tenants alone will attract people to space u8. But events will also be important to increase visitors.”

The management has already secured a full list of names that will be coming into space u8. Anchor tenants moving-in soon include a bowling academy, a fresh food center, IT center and last but not least, Shah Alam’s first cineplex! That news alone will have denizens jumping for joy.

Interestingly, space u8 actually falls under the “shops” category or commonly known as shoplots. It is the effort of adding features like the roof and façade that makes it unique, at the same time similar to shopping complexes. This is a plus point to space u8 and its tenants as they have the ability to operate 24-hours, unbound by normal mall regulations which also specify shops to open and close by certain hours.

space u8 is also a green building…

That’s right. Who would have known that this development utilized about 220,000 old tires as a heat sink, dissipating heat from the ground and insulating the entire central courtyard? According to Terry, this is the first commercial building to apply this method in Malaysia, maybe even the world. This was a long process according to Terry, and an expensive one, but they are proud to have it implemented. And visitors will notice the heat, more accurately, the absence of it when walking through the courtyard, which is maintained at 29 degrees Celsius. Thank the tires!

space u8’s design also allows air to ventilate through the site and help to keep it cool. It is always refreshing when a cool breeze whispers by your skin, seemingly out of nowhere, when walking in the courtyard. And the developer also uses special bricks that are more expensive, but denser than normal clay bricks, to keep the building well insulated. Water harvesting system and solar panels on its expansive roof, completes the building’s eco-arsenal.  

And this spaceship wouldn’t have had a chance if not for the people behind Terry. He is thankful to everyone who had invested their strength and faith into space u8 and it extends from the people who sold them the land, to the bankers, to family members. One could tell that this development has a lot of heart behind it. And the result: a shopping and lifestyle hotspot that is not only unique, but one that is striving to become one of the bests available. A bold statement depicted through its design, sheer scale, concept, and its ability to awe, space u8 is ready for take off!

Developed by Mainstay Holdings Sdn Bhd.
For more space and leasing opportunities, visit space u8 Property Management Sdn Bhd
B1-8-3, space u8, No 6 Persiaran Pasak Bumi, Taman Bukit Jelutong, Seksyen U8, 40150 Shah Alam, call +603 5033 4818, or visit

space u8 @ Bukit Jelutong

  • 4-story commercial center
  • Land area, 8.38 acres; built-up, 700,000sf
  • 232 units, RM600,000 to RM1.2 mil
  • 1,300 parking lots

Special Features

  • Used tires utilized to insulate entire development
  • Solar panels on record-breaking Sky Roof
  • 70,000sf courtyard with water features


  • New Klang Valley Expressway (NKVE)
  • Guthrie Corridor Expressway (GCE)
  • ELITE Highway