A Beautiful Story Unfolds at Bandar Rimbayu


It is not often where you get to witness the creation of a development from ground up, it is even more profound to see the growth of a township from its birth. This is a story about Bandar Rimbayu, thus far, the largest green township in Malaysia.

Measuring 1,879 acres in the southern part of Klang Valley, sits the field of dreams of IJM Land Bhd, the property developer’s canvas to chart among its greatest legacies in its history. Here it seeks to deliver above usual USPs such as harnessing solar energy and harvesting rain water; it aims to inject yesterday’s soul into today’s purpose, and purpose into spaces where you live once again in a simpler setting of what our nostalgic memory brings.

To begin with, this township will be developed around the sustainable focal point of its iconic landmark The Arc. The Arc showcases all that is possible as far as green adaptation is concerned. For example, its green roof is water neutral i.e. rain water is harvested for its surrounding water creeks and landscaping needs. Excess rain water is channeled to flow back to the creek for future usage. The same roof also enables pedestrian access to allow social activities to occur and recur, integrating life and architecture in the process.

Within, IJM brought on and encouraged innovative crafts from students and environmental practitioners to showcase everything from recycled cans, packet drinks, papers, bottle caps into works of purpose. Specifically, they became the reception table’s legs, lamp shades, chairs and Bandar Rimbayu’s sitemap respectively. Such is where IJM pushes the limits of possibilities into living realities.

Surpassed Realities
Of realities, Bandar Rimbayu has perhaps surpassed its own expectations as the next best place to go to – for a new home, for a good investment and for a good camaraderie among friends and family around its recreational landscapes, and even for a balloting spree. Yes, what was seen at this new address of Bandar Rimbayu was the lively and the healthy competitive spirit to ballot for the residences of the first launches of Chimes and Perennia. The packed hall was evidence to convince the brainy work at IJM Land had indeed paid off.

Offering 526 units of double story homes of 22’ x 75’ and 24’ x 75’ at the Flora precinct, one of the four precincts at Rimbayu, homes at Chimes are of north-south orientation to reduce the tropical heat from entering into the living spaces. The bright sunlight is however not kept away with the provision of a “staircase skylight”. Aptly named, residents of Chimes will be greeted with “windchimes-like features and aspiring vertical garden” when they enter through its grand entrance upon completion.

Over at Perennia, 484 units of 22′ x 80′ and 24′ x 80’ double-story link homes will dot around another parcel at Flora. The draw here is its colonial façade and indoor courtyard with open layout and high ceiling for luxurious sense of space. Less walls and barriers, more airy space and natural lighting. Everything is designed to keep people closer together, where cooking, eating and hosting of guests become shared experience to remember.

Both the Chimes and Perennia were designed to be neighbor friendly and low density with only eight to nine units per acre. And this is where Rimbayu is special – it seeks to bring back the sense of belonging in neighborhoods and to help forge stronger bonds between friends living side by side through the living spaces created within its confines. In essence, this is where life becomes the theme at Bandar Rimbayu.

“Your neighbors were your friends. You shared a special bond, sealed by a great sense of belonging for the very neighborhood in which you both lived.”

Founded with such a principle, it is rather difficult to see Bandar Rimbayu comes up short in any of its future offerings. Only limited Bumi units are left to purchase. Such is the draw of this new address, backed by a confident track record of transforming bricks and mortar into life in ordinary spaces by the good hands at IJM Land.

Phase 1 Chimes

Unfolding Hands
The very experienced hands at IJM Land under the stewardship of its formidable CEO Dato’ Soam Heng Choon needs no further introduction in the property arena. But as a matter of perspective, this property development outfit has already etched its name into more than 30 developments across Malaysia. They range from boutique developments, simple landed homes to swanky modern condominiums and offices from Penang to Sandakan, literally from east to west of Malaysia. Some of its landmark icons include the Ampersand at KLCC, the alluring Riana series in PJ and now in Kuala Lumpur, the towering offices of PJ8 in Petaling Jaya and The Light in Penang. IJM has also broken new ground and lands its expertise in Vietnam, China and London in what would be its early few but certainly not the last forays overseas.

Standing proud today as a public listed entity on the main board of Bursa Malaysia, the company strives to envelop more success as they venture forward to build more homes and providing a better lifestyle for everyone. At Bandar Rimbayu alone, it is already embarking to achieve the Malaysian GBI Green Township certification. And as the story unfolds with the GBI certification and about 9,000 more homes to come from this beloved township, it should bode well for the existing purchasers, investors as well as the aspiring owners in the days to come.


Living and dining rooms of Chimes

Bandar Rimbayu
1,879 acres, GDV RM11 billion.
Iconic mixed development of residential, commercial, recreational, parkland over four precincts of Flora, Fauna, Bayu and Commercial Hub.
Accessible via KESAS (Lebuhraya Shah Alam), LKSA (Lebuhraya Kemuning Shah Alam), future access also from SKVE (South Klang Valley Expressway), ELITE (Expressway Lingkaran Tengah) and West Coast Expressway.

The Arc A communal green space to live, relax, play, have fun, bond and belong in a close-knit neighborhood.
Flora Mixed residences of link, strata homes, condominiums and apartments, schools and recreational amenities.
Fauna Mixed residences from link homes to bungalows, schools, neighborhood shops and possible retirement village/home.
Bayu 280 acres lakeside precinct of high-end waterfront residences.
Commercial Hub A commercial centre parallel to a major highway with a canal city charm, culs de sac, walkways. Sizeable land parcels allocated for possible shopping malls, big box retail, private education institutions, medical institutions and service apartments.

Sustainable Efforts
Aims to achieve the Malaysian GBI Green Township certification.
Sisilation roofs to reduce the ‘heat island’ effect.
Rainwater harvesting and solar panels for selected properties.
Abundant use of green trees and creation of creeks & canals.
Adopting Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design such as small cluster housing arrangements, territorial fence demarcation, well-lit paths, dedicated entrance, security checkpoints, limited card access, road hierarchy, culs de sac, humps and pedestrian walkways.

Periwinkle Open For Sale
464 units, double story linked semi-D, 32’ x 70’.
Choose from a cosy layout or an open spacious layout that bids a bright welcome from the door.
High ceilings and vast windows let in plenty of natural light, freeing the house to the outside.

Chimes Bumi Units Only
56 acres, 526 units, double story homes, 22’ x 75’ and 24’ x 75’.
Single entry and exit point through Green Entrance with windchimes-like features and aspiring vertical garden.
North-south orientation, high ceiling, staircase skylight, en-suite bathroom equipped with dual flushing system, solar heated water system to bathrooms at shower area (except utility’s toilet), rainwater harvesting for gardening and outdoor.

Perennia Bumi Units Only
484 units, double story link homes, 22′ x 80′ and 24′ x 80’.
Open layout, high ceiling, indoor courtyard, rain water harvesting system for outdoor usage, solar panel water heating system for shower in all bathrooms.

How to get there?
Bandar Rimbayu Show Gallery, No.1, Jalan Flora 3, Bandar Rimbayu, 42500 Telok Panglima Garang, Selangor Darul Ehsan.

Call 1700 81 8686, email sales.rimbayu@ijm.com or http://rimbayu.ijmland.com/