Property and more at PAIA


Speak up, speak up!

It’s all about making an impression. So at an exhibition like the recent Malaysian Property Exhibition (MAPEX) 2011, organized by the Real Estate and Housing Development Association (REHDA), size mattered. This event at Mid Valley Exhibition Centre held on 18 to 19 March kicked off the first MAPEX of 2011, with more than 70 participating exhibitors, a bit more effort was put into the booths to have them standout from the pack.

That’s the Deputy Finance Minister Senator Dato’ Donald Lim’s message brought forth at the launch of the Property and Investors Alliance (PAIA) at the Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre. Where regulations and transformation collide, these should not defeat the country’s purpose as we transit to become a Developed Nation by 2020. While the country welcomes foreign direct investments and recognizes the MM2H program as one of the sources of income for the nation, he acknowledges the duration of land title transfers with regard to leasehold properties is an abomination to Malaysia’s pursuit. When more are willing to speak up of this dissatisfaction, change will come.

The grand Hummer Limousine’s hot bod greets you at the PAIA’s entrance. Do not be misled by its mean alter-ego. Inside, its sleek body transports you to an idyllic land, with a martini in hand.

This is just a prelude to the real thing. The lucky one who purchased any property from any booth during the two-day event is entitled to a 15-minute joyride above the skies on the R-44 by Solaire Helicopters.

Eat like a king, live like a king but you can’t do as you wish!

Do not stay in a gated and guarded development if you do not like community living. When you buy a condominium or a stratified property, you also buy the common areas as joint owners of the common property. Chris Tan, Associate Partner of Chur Associates

Buy land, minus the long wait. This Canadian real estate development company sells land that has already been approved for development. Senior Manager Barry Looi of Everest Development Group tells us that there’s no more long waits for growth to come in your direction. It already is. And this may be your key to partner with a developer and reap your profits in the span of two to three years.

Nature. Art. Masterpiece. A contemporary and exclusive development is set to satiate your quest for exquisiteness within the urban desert. Its elusiveness is cleverly masked by lush foliage and creeping vines centering a salt water pool, creating a mirage-like imagery so surreal. But this is real. That’s Mirage by the Lake by OSK Properties transforming the landscape in Cyberjaya.

Palm Jumeirah look-alike? Well almost. Green Beverly Hills by GD Development Sdn Bhd aims to create an iconic resort lifestyle island within the confines of the greater Klang Valley. Inspired by the famous Beverly Hills, this 350-acre masterpiece is a stroke of an admirable opus of natural ecology, futuristic design concepts, technology and modern amenities.

The atmosphere during the gala night was an odyssey of people chit-chatting and networking blending in with the gentle strum of the harp, enticing belly dance and free flow of canapés.