PPK–Nippon Paint Green Mall Seminar 2015


There will definitely be more green retail malls mushrooming in the future because according to Ar. Von Kok Leong, the chairman of Green Building Index Accreditation Panel (GBIAP), as of early this year, at least 50 retail mall projects have registered with Green Building Index (GBI). He added, “We are now looking at the possibility of another 20 million square feet of green retail spaces coming up within the next few years.”

The seminar which was held early last month was graced by Tan Sri Datuk Eddy Chen, the President of Persatuan Pengurusan Kompleks Malaysia (PPK). He mentioned his hopes for more mall owners or operators to take effective steps to ensure the existing and new complexes are – green and sustainable.

Coating for interior or exterior walls that has low volatile organic compounds (VOC) creates a safer surrounding air and this is one of the key features of a green mall. Nippon Paint, as a leader in coating technologies within Asia, aims to revolutionise green malls and buildings through its green innovations as well as functional proponents such as Weatherbond Solareflect coatings that are able to reduce indoor temperature.

Michael Chung who is the General Manager for Group Sales & Business Development of Nippon Paint Malaysia Group, said that concerted effort from all industry players is crucial. He also said, “In the longer run, the benefits most certainly outweigh the initial investment cost, as a green mall eventually enjoys reduced energy, water and waste costs as well as lower operations and maintenance costs.”