Treat your Mom to a healthy beverage with Blomus’ Elegant Kitchen Collection


Kuala Lumpur-  Show your mom that you care about her health this Mother’s Day. Surprise her with a nutritious mix of vitamins using our Callista Lemon Squeezer, pour all the tasty goodness in our Acqua Water Pitcher and serve with love. To top it off with flavour, sweeten the beverage with sugar or honey, add water or tea to enhance the taste and your mother may now enjoy a healthy dose of essential nutrients.

Spice up your mornings with Blomus’ elegant kitchen-ware and enjoy a healthier life with fresh juicy beverages, keeping the body well hydrated and refreshed.

Blomus is an innovative design-led brand from Germany that produces the finest quality stainless steel home decoration products to enhance living atmospheres indoors and outdoors. Its designs are conceptualized by leading European designers and are crafted by top German craftsmen.  In line with their design philosophy, their living accessories combine simplicity of function with the beauty of the material, which is superior, matt-brushed stainless steel.  Hence, the products are not only pleasing to the eye but it is easy to handle.

Unlike other lemon squeezer, the Callista Lemon Squeezer is intricately designed to ensure the most efficiently squeeze out of lemons of any size, modern-looking, yet easy to handle.  The juicy goodness is best served in the Acqua Water Pitcher – this sleek glass water pitcher looks great on any table and it has an ice-stopper that also acts as an infuser.  The pitcher comes in 1 litre and 1.5 litre sizes.  To maintain the temperature of the liquid, accessorize with the Acqua Insulating Collar designed to hug the pitcher perfectly.  The collars come in 1 litre and 1.5 litre sizes and six exquisite colours (beige, gray, green, red, black and blue) to spice up your kitchen.

With Blomus’ elegant kitchen collection, you can show your mom your appreciation not only on Mother’s Day but every day!

Get a set today from the Blomus boutique located at Bangsar Shopping Centre, Kuala Lumpur.  For more information, please call 03 2287 1998 or log on to www.blomus.com.