Multifunctional museum instigates a glass culture education


The Shanghai Glass Museum (SHMOG) celebrates its very first official grand opening ceremony on May 18th. The logon architect’s latest China project will be presented to over 500 guests and government officials, including VIP Mr. Stefan Moebs, the Deputy Consul General from the Consulate of the Federal Republic of Germany. The first phase of the G+ Glass Theme Park focuses on the SHMOG multifunctional design and landmark glass facade to kick-start the site, promoting the district’s shift towards Tertiary industries.

SHMOG is not a typical museum. Its’ multifunctional design headed by the German-based architectural design firm logon transformed a collection of old industrial glass manufacturing buildings into China’s first multifunctional Glass Museum. “We knew from the start we had to make the museum different to attract people to the site”, explains Pascal Hartmann, Research and Development Director of logon lab. “Due to the sites’ dependence on public transportation and distance from the city center, we decided to develop what we call a ‘Type Two’ museum; this not your conventional exhibition+gift-shop model. SHMOG has an amazing exhibition space, but it is its’ interactive and educational facilities that will attract and keep visitors entertained for hours. These include its’ Hot Glass Show, DIY workshops, lectures, libraries, and other interactive activities; all designed to attract and educate a variety of target groups about glass culture”.

Frank Krueger, Creative Director and Partner of logon in his opening ceremony speech commented on the firms design. “… We hope that the museums’ glass facade; with is U-shaped glass enameled with words and characters in ten languages reinforcing the buildings glass spirit. Behind the glass facade is a LED backlight that allows light to glow through each word and character upon its black background; the final effect is breathtaking by night, Krueger explains. “However, the true reason for the museum success is due to our close partnership and support from both our client, The Shanghai Glass Company Ltd, and the interior and exhibition design firm, Coordination”.

SHMOG is the first phase of a larger plan to develop the G+ Shanghai Theme Park of Glass. Once the project is complete, G+ Glass Theme Park aims to be a one-of-a-kind glass theme park where it will include the; G+ Sculpture Yard, G+ Studio, G+ Science Park, and the G+ Business Park.