MIPIMASIA 2011, Taiwan attracts foreign investors with a hefty sum of $36 billion


Taiwan invades the international marketer of investments, as the rest of the world is trapped in the economical recession and ‘Eurocrisis.’ The firstly launched investment projects are comprised of 35 large-scale investment plans. With a hefty sum of $36 billion, Taiwan stages at the 2011 MIPIM ASIA, Hong Kong. The collaboration between the private sectors and public sector, along with the central governments and local governments, will benefit Taiwan’s economic developments and make great contribution to the fourth quarter in 2011.

The visiting representatives in Hong Kong are led by Minister Liu, Y. Christina of Council for Economic Planning and Development, Executive Yuan. The participated public and private sectors are as follows: Taoyuan International Airport Corporation Ltd., Kaohsiung Harbor Bureau, Taichung City Government, Kaohsiung City Government, Kinmen County Government and Wellglory Corp. which is in charge of urban renewal. Over 70 representatives coming from the industries, governments and academies work together to bring Taiwan to market and to attract foreign investors. The finely conceived guidebook distributed in the Taiwan Pavilion introduces foreign investors Taiwan’s investment policies, investment environment, urban competitiveness, architectural and design developments; what is more, Taiwan is always open-minded welcoming and embracing various cultures, which attitude is highly emphasized by foreign investors. As the European and American markets are bombarded by economic crisis, more and more hot money and capital are turning to the markets in Asia, which makes Asian countries, Taiwan included, try their best to make advantage of investment strategies to recruit more investors.

The opening party of Taiwan Pavilion presents creativity. The warm-up performance is led by the saxophone players from Houli, Taichung.    In the following is the performance presented by a Taiwanese mixologist who is a world champion in creating brilliant cocktail. It is the first time for Kinmen County Government to participate in the event, and the organizer thus prepare two specialties from Kinmen, one is Kinmen Gongtang (a kind of sweet made of peanut and malt sugar), and the other is dried fish for the present company which draw many foreign investors. The cordially received pavilion is crowded with people and makes great success. As soon as the Taiwan Pavilion is opened, the first key note speech, “East to West Investments: Risks, Opportunities & Returns” is delivered by Minister Liu, Y. Christina of Council for Economic Planning and Development. Besides Minister Liu, Jason Hu, Mayor of Taichung City, is also invited to give the key note speech, “A Cultural?Prosperous, low-carbon and Smart Your best choice for investment,” in the second forum held in Nov. 16. The minister of the central government and the mayor of the local government together are standing on world stage and introduce Taiwan’s 35 investment plans, promote trade and investment which is worth $33 billion.    

FIABCI Taiwan, the organizer of the event, arranges four mid-scale forums for Taiwan Pavilion from Nov. 15 to 17. On Nov. 15, there are three speeches: Wang-Hsiang Hwang, Deputy Minister of Council for Economic Planning and Development gives his speech, “Invest in Taiwan, Launching a “Golden Decade,” the project is worth $24.5 billion. The second one, “Creating a New Port of Kaohsiung” is delivered by Ding-Yi Cai, Harbor Master of Kaohsiung Harbor Bureau; the project is worth $1.33 billion. The last one is “Image Gateway to Your Home! Future Development of Taoyuan International Airport” delivered by Jai-Rui Xu, vice director of Taoyuan International Airport Corporation Ltd; the project is worth $2 billion. On Nov. 16, there are the other four speeches: the first one is “Building a Sustainable International Eco-tourism Island” delivered by W0-Shi Li, Kinmen County Magistrate, with a project worth $1 billion. Gui-Cai Zhang, Chief Secretary of Urban Development Bureau of Kaohsiung City Government gives the second speech, “Kaohsiung New Competitive Future” along with a project worth $1.66 billion. Sheng-Ren Zhang, Manager of Wellglory Corp. delivers the third speech, “Taipei Urban Regeneration Project-world in World,” the project is worth over $1 billion. In the end, the speech is closed by “A World City-New Investment Opportunity” given by Jason Hu, Mayor of Taichung City Government. Taiwan Pavilion in MIPIMASIA 2011 devotes its efforts to the development of economics in Taiwan, as well as nicely demonstrating Taiwan’s attempts and gestures in welcoming foreign investors and such devotion definitely goes beyond the confinement of partisan politics.