Marvelane Square To Set Benchmark


Ms Dede Pong, Marketing Manager, highlighting Marvelane Square’s key features to the crowd.

Mr Ong Choon Hock, Managing Director of Marvelane Sdn Bhd explaining Marvelane Square’s accessibility options to the crowd whilst Mr Jason Chang from Garis Architects looks on

A group of professional engineers and experienced property investors are set to make a remarkable transformation in Klang with its Marvelane Square project, developed by Marvelane Sdn Bhd and to be completed in 2013.

The development is set to be the benchmark for Klang’s main thoroughfare as it is revolutionary compared to current commercial offerings along Jalan Meru says Managing Director of Marvelane Sdn Bhd Mr.Ong Choon Hock.

“Marvelane Square challenges the perception that Klang is suitable for only shop lots. We however understand the implication that with the growth of Klang, there is a need for a more vibrant, accessible and well-developed commercial properties. Hence we partnered with award winning architect, Garis Architects to come up with the design concept,” he added.

Located on 7.4 acres of freehold land, flanking SHAHPADU highway and Jalan Meru, Marvelane Square is strategically positioned to meet the discerning taste and needs of the ever growing population of approximately 500,000 people who live and work within a 5km radius.

The 20 units of semi-detached, 3-story retail office cum shop office and two units of 3-story bungalow retail offices is designed by incorporating stylish full glass frontage for a showroom concept. A rooftop garden has also been added to provide tenants on the third floor with additional options for space usage.

Marvelane Square is ideal for a variety of commercial uses such as car showroom, furniture or design showrooms, art gallery, retail outlets, food & beverage outlets, supermarket, office, banks and wellness centers.

The column free design allows for total flexibility to transform the internal area. Each unit is equipped with a private lift and a rooftop garden pavilion. The design also has wide corridors, private parking and a feng-shui inspired, designer landscape.

Mr. Ong added that “This will be the first project for the group that we are going to launch. We will also be launching a mid-high residential development in Putra Heights later this year.”

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