Investors Meet at OPIN 2.0


Celebrating the first anniversary of the online property forum, PropertyWTF.


Albert Ko

Faizul Ridzuan


Online property forum PropertyWTF recently held their much anticipated second edition of the Online Property Investors’ Network (OPIN 2.0) at Menara PGRM in Kuala Lumpur on 29 July. The event is purposed as a melting-pot for property investors who are part of the online community.

This event gave the online forum’s community a chance to network in person, outside their usual meets in cyber space. With a crowd of about 600 strong, the event attracted new and seasoned investors alike.

Attendees to the forum event were given the opportunity to listen to speakers Juanita Chin, Kam Wei Tsung, Faizul Ridzuan and Albert Ko on topics such as Penang and commercial properties. After the talks were given, investors were treated to a special preview of a new development in Kuala Lumpur.

PropertyWTF Co-Founder, who requested on being known only as Mr Y said, “This is the only property investors’ event that is so successful. 600 people filled to the brim. This is the start of many more to come,”

Mr Y said that OPIN 2.0 was organized for the benefit of their members and to give them chances to gain opportunities through the network. He added, “PropertyWTF is popular because of the vast knowledge found in the site. Our members have grown a lot.”

OPIN 2.0 was held after a successful first edition earlier in the year. The event was also in conjunction with the forum’s first anniversary. The event also had a lucky-draw session where one lucky participant, holding the winning ticket, walked away with a brand new Apple iPad 3.

PropertyWTF.com’s ever increasing number of frequenters to the site has made it a valuable source of information and a popular sharing platform among investors and other property players alike.