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Kuala Lumpur, 5th August: The arrival of COVID-19 has changed many things, and nowhere is this reflected better than in how the use of public space has been transformed.  

Cover-pix: Domino Park in New York is a great example of placemaking during the pandemic to reduce the risk of spreading the virus, the port created designated areas where citizens could enjoy the outdoors but keep physical distance from each other. / Source: iStock



To honour the best effort and practices related to placemaking in response to the pandemic, the organiser of Placemaker Awards ASEAN 2021 is introducing a new category for their awards to showcase the creativity and ingenuity of Local Governments, Private Organisations and NGOs.


This new category will bring attention to the initiatives carried out by the various organisations around the ASEAN region that help their communities during such a turbulent time.


Called Placemaking during the Pandemic, this category was created to showcase projects rolled out to help communities, make use of public space, and support local businesses, throughout the pandemic. This new category focuses on the impact that these projects had on communities and the good that these organisations set out to accomplish.


Participation in this new category is only USD$30 (submission fee) for participants whether the project is from a Local Government, Private Organisation or Non-Governmental Organisation. All submissions under this category will be shared with the public to help inspire others to take on this unique challenge of continuously making things better for the community, no matter how bleak the condition may be. Placemaker Awards ASEAN 2021 is currently opened for submission until 21st September 2021. This “no pay to win” award will be judged by an illustrious panel of local and international experts from the planning and placemaking industry, including Stipo, UN-Habitat, Bandung Creative City Forum (BCCF), Isocarp, PlacemakingX, Nihon University, and more.



New award category: Placemaking During The Pandemic / Source: Shutterstock



Placemaker Awards ASEAN 2021 will have 7 categories, with one overall winner who will be crowned Placemaker of the Year in recognition of outstanding effort for placemaking in ASEAN. All entrants will also be receiving feedback and suggestions on how they can improve their placemaking initiatives as well as have their projects compiled in an e-book which will be distributed to all participants and viewers of the awards.


Placemaker Awards ASEAN 2021 is presented by local placemaking advocates Nextdor Property Communications and Think City, and co-presented by UN-Habitat, European placemaking advocate STIPO, and the Malaysian Institute of Planners (MIP), supported by Kuala Lumpur City Hall, Redha Institute, Placemaking X, Project for Public Spaces, Placemaking Malaysia, PNB Merdeka Ventures, Lendlease, Citi Foundation, and Tempatico, with ISOCARP as official network partner, the ASEAN Post as the regional digital media partner, PR Newswire as the official news distribution partner, and Laguna as the official digital out of home advertising partner.


For more information about Placemaker Awards ASEAN, visit www.placemakerawards.com.





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