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KUALA LUMPUR, 12 August 2021 – KSK Land, Malaysia’s leading lifestyle property company and a wholly-owned subsidiary of KSK Group Berhad, is excited to announce that it will be the first company in Malaysia to use Delve in its development process. Created by Sidewalk Labs, a New York-based urban innovation company, Delve is a software product that uses generative design and AI to help developers create better neighbourhoods faster, with less risk. KSK Land will use Delve to drive smart, sustainable developments through real-time data-driven feasibility and massing studies.

Cover-pix: Created by Sidewalk Labs, Delve is a digital master planning tool that uses machine learning and computational design to generate hundreds of valid design options, and provides a score to rank the best ones based on the priority outcomes. This will enable developers to optimise urban planning with better information, in less time, with fewer redesigns and better quality-of-life outcomes that maximize returns.


Delve is a digital master planning tool that uses machine learning and computational design to enable developers to optimize their urban plans for multi-dimensional outcomes. By generating a multitude of valid design options and quantitative analysis for a range of project scenarios, Delve augments decision making within a development process, thereby allowing development teams to proceed with better information, in less time, with fewer redesigns and better quality-of-life outcomes that maximize returns.


The application of Delve will help power the development of KSK Land’s own data-driven AI pricing engine by KSK City Labs, a newly set-up data and tech arm of KSK Land, which will enable the company to customise pricing for each unit based on the personalisation of every individual unit offering and its characteristics, including the sunlight exposure hours, a wellness-driven variable that differs from one unit to another.


As a lifestyle and design property company, we constantly struggle with making thousands of decisions whilst juggling between dozens of variables that contribute to a homeowner’s quality of life. These decisions that are made early in the process, especially in the master-planning stage, may lead to unforeseen impacts later on or even spell the make or break of a project’s financial and marketing viability,” said Joanne Kua, Chief Executive Officer of KSK Group and Managing Director of KSK Land, “With Delve, we will be able to discover the design option that delivers the most optimal and sustainable lifestyle outcomes for our customers.


As part of KSK Land’s technology roadmap, Delve opens up the possibility for the company to develop cutting-edge yet practical designs which prioritises sustainability and wellness elements. The software helps to determine the best design options to maximise energy efficiency by optimising sunlight exposure and enhancing walkability to amenities to lower vehicles reliance in an effort to reduce carbon emissions. This will also allow KSK Land to drive sustainable developments in the future in line with Malaysia’s Low Carbon Cities Framework.


Sidewalk Labs is committed to radically improving the quality of life in cities for all. Delve helps achieve this through holistic, quantitative, and transparent urban design,” said Okalo Ikhena, Co-Head of Delve, Sidewalk Labs. “KSK Land is a leader that continues pushing boundaries of development in Southeast Asia and around the world. We are excited to see how much further they can drive the priority outcomes that matter to the communities they operate in through their use of Delve.”





About KSK LandFounded in 2013, KSK Land is a wholly-owned subsidiary of KSK Group Berhad, an established Malaysian investment holding company. With an existing presence in the general insurance business across Southeast Asia with KSK Insurance Indonesia and KSK Insurance Thailand, and its tech ventures portfolio under ‘KSK Ventures’ with startups such as Sunday and Carmana, KSK Group expanded into the property development market in Malaysia with KSK Land. A future-forward player in the international real estate scene, with a focus on lifestyle, design and placemaking, KSK Land’s maiden development, 8 Conlay, reflects the company’s vision to craft bespoke properties that prioritise design, craftsmanship and lifestyle.





About Sidewalk LabsSidewalk Labs is an urban innovation company that tackles cities’ greatest challenges. We create products and solutions, invest in new companies, and help developers build more sustainable, innovative, and equitable places around the world. Our development team provides advisory services for clients across the U.S., working on projects in Miami, Las Vegas, Portland, and San Francisco, among other cities. Sidewalk Labs was founded in 2015, and today has a diverse team of more than 130 urbanists and technologists based in New York City.