Ion Delemen – Conquering a Mountain of Challenges


Perched at 6,000 feet above sea level on the cooling slopes of Genting Highlands, Ion Delemen takes a leaf out of nature’s wonder and magnificence with an aesthetically pleasing design that is modern and blends harmoniously with its backdrop of green rolling hills. Spread across 10.2 acres of lush virgin land, the construction of the six-block condominium is progressing on schedule. Ion Delemen embodies the best of luxury living amid serene natural surroundings. The manifold challenges faced include working with elements that are beyond our control, such as the weather and uneven terrains. With our extensive experience we have been able to successfully overcome these challenges without creating unnecessary delays or incurring additional costs to the project. In order to curb or prevent landslides during the piling process, NCT Group has engaged specific engineering treatment and technology on the sloping terrains and solid rock foundation to protect the environment.

One of the biggest issues was the intermittent water supply and low water pressure onsite hence the setting up of a rain-water harvesting system as well as a comprehensive water treatment plant. The entire construction process or building activities pose little or minimal impact on the environment by adhering to green building standards. With respect to promoting and supporting green living, the façade of the buildings has been constructed in such a way that it permits natural light thus reducing the need for artificial lighting and the climate within the building is regulated. NCT Group has in the past taken up abandoned projects deemed impossible to revive. Having successfully re-developed Salak Perdana, one of Malaysia’s largest abandoned projects recently, NCT continues to salvage yet another abandoned project, which is Ion Delemen.