IJM Land continuing its fourth Deepavali Charity Cheer programme to spread positivity to five underprivileged families in Seremban




Seremban, 28 October 2021 As Malaysia is expecting to approach the endemic phase with inter-state restrictions being lifted, most fully-vaccinated citizens may already start planning to rejoin their loved ones residing in different areas, especially for those celebrating Deepavali coming around the corner. While this may be a good time for most in preparing for a joyful family get-together, not everyone can afford the costs of having a celebration, especially for underprivileged families who have to bear a heavier burden due to the recent restrictions. IJM Land Berhad, a leading property developer who is always looking out for the Seremban community, is adamant in their mission to provide support and extend joyfulness by providing five underprivileged families in Seremban with the essential well-beings to prepare for the upcoming festival through their annual Deepavali Charity Cheer Programme.

Cover-pix: Madam Geetha (second from right) one of the beneficiaries from IJM Land’s Deepavali Charity Cheer Programme receiving essential items and monetary support from IJM Land in preparing them for a joyful celebration of the Festival of Lights.



Aiming to help the less fortunate in giving them an opportunity for a meaningful Deepavali celebration as well as spread compassion and goodwill among the families, this year, IJM Land Seremban 2 reached out to these five underprivileged families providing them with monetary support of RM1,200 and box of kindness consisting of grocery items including rice, cooking oil, sugar, Vico, festive cookies, etc. and other COVID-19 essential items such as medical face masks and hand sanitiser worth RM400. In its fourth year of bringing this initiative to realisation, IJM Land hopes to create a positive effect among the communities, and also to continue spreading the spirit of giving by inspiring others to support those who are in need of help, both physically and mentally.



IJM Land representatives presenting Madam Sandrakhanda (second from right) with a box of kindness under the Deepavali Charity Cheer Programme consisting of groceries and essential COVID-19 items such as medical face masks and hand sanitisers to prepare for the upcoming Deepavali celebration.



The situation in Malaysia is starting to turn for the better with some of the movement restrictions being lifted including a downward trend of COVID-19 cases. As such, we believe that everyone can finally breathe better and look forward to reuniting with their family to celebrate the upcoming festive season,” said Dato’ Hoo Kim See, Senior General Manager of IJM Land (Central Region).


While things are looking to be opening up, we know the recent restrictions have left some in a financial struggle to even be able to prepare for a decent festive celebration. At IJM Land, we are always in the mission of building the most conducive environment for the people regardless of their background. We want to let them know that even if odds are not in their favour, they are not alone in fighting this battle – we are and will always be there for them.”


IJM Land has reached out to five families to provide them with the essential well-being in order to lessen their burden during this period of time. One of the recipients was Madam Sandrakhanda, age 55, who was the pillar of the family in terms of income sources before she quitted her job due to high blood pressure that caused constant dizziness. Also a beneficiary of this year’s Home Rehabilitation Programme, the family solely relied on their 19-year-old son’s menial income along with the financial aid given by the Department of Social Welfare (JKM) for their daughter who suffers from a mental deficiency to support the family. Additionally, IJM Land also provided assistance to another recipient, Madam Geetha, 38, a single mother to her four children as well as the sole breadwinner for her family. With the loss of her husband in 2017, she has been diligent in ensuring that all of her children receive at least the basic education that her children deserved.



IJM Land representatives paying a visit to Miss Yoga Malini (middle) to spread festive vibes and positivity by providing monetary support and box of kindness.



IJM Land is also providing assistance to a young lady named Yoga Malini, 25, who has been supporting her younger brother since she was in high school and the scenarios worsen after the loss of her mother in 2019. She is struggling to keep both her brother and herself afloat at the moment due to her unstable job placement as a factory worker with a maximum of RM36 earnings per day. With no support from government funding, her brother, Ganesan age 19 started a part-time job at a carpet shop to lessen their financial strain. Therefore, IJM Land intends to give a bit of room for them to breathe through this initiative, as well as to create a fair opportunity for them to spend some quality time during the Festival of Lights, similar to how their peers have with their families.


As we are in the business of building communities, we want to support the existing communities around us that are struggling and in need of help with the hopes of making a positive impact in the lives of the less fortunate,” said Dato’ Hoo.


During the Festival of Lights, we want to convey to them that there’s a light at the end of the tunnel for them and their families and through this initiative, we want to bring them out of this harsh reality just for the time being, while immersing themselves in the precious moment with their loved ones – allowing them to enjoy this joyful occasion without worries.”


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