No Easy Way Out


He just keeps ticking.

To him, being in the property development business is not only competition, “It’s a gamble – to conceive and to introduce a new concept that has never been used before, to develop and see it penetrate the market.”

“What we are doing here, in Malaysia?!”

A civil engineer by profession, the first part of Ho Hon Sang’s career detailed solid engineering work of building tunnels, roads, bridges and houses, perfectly complementing his 16-year stint in the property development arm of Sunway City Bhd where he sees “civil engineering as the enabler of
property development”.

Now, in the business of building homes and much more, part of his rewards comes from seeing something being built and constructed out from the plain grounds, more so when a customer comes back to tell you that your concept worked. That, would be the most rewarding part of the Managing Director’s journey.

Having traveled to almost all the big cities in the world, while they marveled him, they never ceased to make him ponder, “What we are doing here, in Malaysia?!” That is what fuels him till this day; it just keeps him ticking.

His mind is always thinking of something new – a never done before concept. Yet from all the exposure and travels, he carries a humble persona and it doesn’t just stop there.

“Singapore, Hong Kong, Shanghai, Tokyo, of all the big cities in the world where I have been, there’s always something new when I go there.”

“You see in property development, we thought we have built something nice in Malaysia, like Sunway Integrated Resort City for example, but when I saw all those new things, I felt so tiny; I felt I am nowhere.

“So there’s always a burning desire that in one way or another I must help, through my organization, to build something for the country. Although in the business sector we have to sustain the organization, that won’t stop us from building better and better products that can even rival other cities in the world.”

However, challenges remain, “I am very sensitive, towards customers’ complaints.

“For me the biggest challenge is how to satisfy or even exceed customers’ expectations which are ever changing.”

Not one who undermines any form of complaints and challenges no matter how small they may be, “Whenever an email pops in from an unsatisfied customer, even if it’s about the peeling timber flooring strips, I feel it’s a very big challenge.”

With this type of attitude, he underscores, “You can give the best to your customers.”

And probably that is what made Ho who he is today. While exposure is one way to survive in a very competitive environment, he says, finding the easy way out as most people do is never the solution.