AUN enthralls Johoreans at Japanese Music Fest 2016


Sunway Iskandar and Daiwa House showcase Malaysia’s own Sakura Residence



Residents in Johor were treated to a unique Japanese Music Festival headlined by AUN, an internationally-acclaimed musical duo comprising twin brothers Ryohei Inoue and Kohei Inoue in an evening of music and culture. AUN’s twin brothers Ryohei Inoue and Kohei Inoue who are masters of shamisen, wadaiko and shinobue the founders of AUN performed in Johor for the very first time. Japanese Music Festival hosted a galore of activities ranging from musical performances, Japanese folk toy games, foods to exploration activities. The event was to celebrate the preview of the show unit of Sakura Residence, an inaugural project by Daiwa House in Malaysia in collaboration with Sunway Iskandar as co-developer.


0K0A3764_AUN comprising twins Ryohei Inoue and Kohei Inoue enchanting visitors with their energetic performance


The Japanese Music Festival was conceptualized by Daiwa House, a Fortune 500 Global company, as a platform   to enhance   cross-cultural   understanding   through a fun and entertaining event. With admission  free  for  all,  the  evening  featured  various  interesting  activities  including  taiko  (Japanese drums)  performance  by  school  students  in  Johor  Bahru,  mochi  pounding  and  festive  stalls  which showcased Japanese culture. Smells  of  Japanese  delicacies  and  favourites  permeated  the  air  throughout  the  evening,  and  many visitors were seen thronging the Japanese food stalls for a taste of authentic Japan. Lighted “sakura trees” and lanterns illuminated the balmy evening, adding to the Japanese ambience. The evening was also filled with a galore of activities ranging from cherry-blossom-like tecoma tree planting  and  Daruma  Otoshi  and  Kendama,  two  classic  Japanese  folk  toy  games,  to dressing  up in yukatas. Visitors who participated in the activities had the opportunity to redeem novel Japanese gifts to bring home as a souvenir.


Pic 3_Visitors enjoyed playing the wadaiko drums conducted by Ryohei Inoue and Kohei Inoue of AUN


However, the highlight of the Daiwa House’s Japanese Music Festival definitely belonged to the performance by AUN, Japan’s Cultural Envoy in 2011. Born in Osaka, the Inoue brothers are renowned for  their  mastery  of  the  shamisen  (three-stringed  Japanese  lute),  wadaiko  (Japanese  drum),  and shinobue flute. In AUN’s honour roll call are some 1,300 performances in 40 countries including in many prestigious halls and World Heritage Sites such as Mont Saint-Michel in France, as well as performing in the “ONE ASIA” joint concert with musicians from other Asian countries including Malaysia since 2013. Visitors of the Japanese Music Festival were enthralled by their mesmerizing deftness on the shamisen and wadaiko to celebrate the preview of the show unit of Sakura Residence by Daiwa House.


Sakura Residence is a RM230 million GDV, inaugural project by Daiwa House in Malaysia that is being co-developed with Sunway Iskandar, who has found the Daiwa technology to be superb and able to meet the requirements of discerning   property   owners.   Its resident-friendly design which emphasizes comfort and functionality is built upon Japanese technology that prioritizes optimization and quality control. In Japan and 14 other countries, every home built by Daiwa House is famed for giving homeowners a degree of confidence and future surety.


0K0A3687_Daiwa House Malaysia Managing Director Daisuke Usugi delivering his speech


Daiwa House believes in co-creating value for individuals, communities, and people’s lifestyles. Through the performance by AUN and presentation of Japanese Music Festival, we would like to offer Malaysians an event that they can enjoy and participate in, and in the process, enrich their experience. At the same time, we open the Sakura Residence show house for visitors to the Japanese Music Festival for them to explore and have a firsthand   experience   of a well-built,   premium   pre-fabricated   home.  We received overwhelming support by the locals even though this was our first event for Daiwa House and we hope to have more engaging activities in the future.” – Mr. Daisuke Usugi, Managing Director, Daiwa House Malaysia Sdn. Bhd.


0K0A4127_Visitors turned up in full force at the Daiwa House Japanese Music Festival

0K0A3975_Daiwa House Malaysia Managing Director Daisuke Usugi explaining about Sakura Residence to VIPs


The Japanese Music Festival took place on 4 December 2016 at Sakura Residence Gallery in Sunway Iskandar and was attended by approximately 300 visitors who were seen enjoying the wholesome activities of the evening. For media enquiries, kindly contact:- Nur Suraya +6016 245 5982 suraya@jirehconsult.com / Debbie Koh +6012 206 1961 dkoh@jirehconsult.com For additional information on Sakura Residence, please logon to website at: www.sakuraresidence.com.my




0K0A3887_VIPs and children posing for a photo with AUN (second from left and far right) after the tree planting ceremony

0K0A3564_One of the food stalls at the Daiwa House Japanese Music Festival selling sweetened shaved ice

0K0A3408_Mochi pounding at the Daiwa House Japanese Music Festival

Pic 1_Children enjoying Daruma Otoshi and Kendama games at Daiwa House Japanese Music Festival

Pic 2_Yukata dress-up was one of the activities at the Daiwa House Japanese Music Festival