An Educated Fate


Being the Head of Property Management of Eng Lian Enterprise Sdn Bhd for almost ten years now, nothing can steal the zeal that is in him. Managing a retail center can be daunting but he is more than ready to face the challenges ahead.

His passion for property grew from a natural interest of investing in property. Prior to Eng Lian, he was involved in a travel agency business. Having a taste in travel, it spurred his inquisitiveness on places even more. He tells of those times when he would casually drive through neighborhoods to find that prime piece of investment. And when he was offered a chance to dive into the property world, he took it and never looked back since.

“Ethics should always follow and that there is no compromise when it comes to social responsibility.”

“Every morning I walk around the mall to ensure everything is in order,” says Joon Kai, who manages Bangsar Village Shopping Center .

He would come across as a cheerful person with a thorough and focused mind when it comes to work. Preferring to do things personally, his routine checks never fail to rope him into both the front and back-end of the business, dealing with the corporate structure as well as being on deck listening to the qualms of the shoppers and retail tenants alike.

“I am lucky to have such smart people around me to learn from,” Joon Kai tells of the many teachers who have helped him along his way.

This diligent man too spares no time idly for even after a long day at work, a good book never tires him. Sharing one of his favorite bedside titles “Life is What You Make It” by John Buffett, it is one of those reads that has left a powerful impression on him.

“Ethics should always follow and that there is no compromise when it comes to social responsibility,” he says, a sense of conviction follows. He believes in making a difference and a positive impact on the lives of other people no matter what line one is in.

As a mall manager now, he, as if fated, plays the role of an educator; educating tenants by cultivating best practices a mall should have, creating a symbiotic partnership between mall and tenants!