We’re Working in a Noisy World!


Every now and then we ponder across the office block and wonder if the air smells better there. We might also wonder if the career paths are as glitzy as the billboard they hung across town. Join us as we speak to industry veteran with more than 30 years of recruitment wisdom under her belt, Laletha Nithiyanandan, Managing Director of Talent Design Potential and Behavioural Consulting Group, about how the world of careers has evolved with technology and times.

Broadly, what do you see as the most significant changes in the world of employment from the time you started practicing until now?
Technology has had a big impact on the way we look for work and the way we reach out to potential employees. There is more transparency and both employers and employees can know quite a lot about each other before even making first contact. The ability to work from home is a good thing , however , most of us are stuck to our mobile devices for longer now than before. More communication channels and in general we seem to be bombarded by a constant stream of information and requests. We live in a “noisy’ virtual workspace, requires a lot more discipline and focus on our part.

For those seeking employment, how should they proceed or approach their career choices?
Personal Brand is as important as one’s ability to do the task. Being visible to recruiters and future employers is a strategic process that anyone who wants to secure good work needs to be able to do. Having an opinion, engaging with thought leaders and building an online presence can help individuals in their job search immensely. Social media can open doors that are not usually open, but it’s a process that needs to be longer term and not transactional.

From the employers perspective especially the SME segment, how do they compete with the budgets and machinery afforded by the large corporations?
Relationship is key, people leave bosses not companies. SME’s have the advantage of providing opportunities that one cannot get in a larger organization. And there are many types of employees – those that seek the expensive machinery and budgets and those that look for a more sustainable and meaningful interaction. I see it as a sieving process actually instead of seeing at as a disadvantage.

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