Time With Our Children: Quantity Vs. Quality – by Dr James Dobson


Quality time is quintessential in nurturing and bonding… 😉




It’s not the quantity of time you spend with your children; it’s the quality that counts. Or is it? There is an argument that it doesn’t matter how little time you spend with your children as long as your few moments together are meaningful. Why do we have to choose between quantity and quality? We won’t accept that choice in any other area of our lives. So why is it only relevant to our children?


Let’s supposed you order the most expensive steak at a restaurant. When the meal arrives, you see a tiny piece of meat in the middle of the plate. The waiter says, “I recognise the portion is small, but that’s the finest beef money can buy. As to the portion, it’s not the quantity that matters; it’s the quality that counts.”


You would object, and with good reason. Both quality and quantity are important in many areas of life, including how we relate to our children. My concern is that the quantity versus quality argument might be a poorly disguised rationalisation for giving our children neither.



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