The One-Sided Marriage – by Focus on the Family Malaysia


Overcoming marital adversities and battling negative emotions 😉




Couples often encounter constant conflicts & challenges in their marriage / Pix: Marriage.com😉




Everyone who marries will eventually encounter a season when the weight of the relationship ends up on his or her shoulders. Spouses get sick, distracted, selfish or overworked; they over-commit or overspend. Life happens, the weight shifts, and suddenly we find ourselves wondering, “Is this how it is meant it to be?”


Sad to say, many couples either “get out” or “check out” when they come upon an imbalanced season in marriage. It’s easy to consider our spouse’s busyness as license to do what we want. And yet the choices we make during this difficult time are critical to the health of our marriage.




Drop negative emotions


While worry, self-pity and anger are normal, it’s important not to carry these emotions with you. Turn your back on worry. Fight self-pity by counting your blessings. Though times get tough, you are still blessed. Talk to a mature married person you respect, and understand that there is a difference between bashing your spouse and seeking wise counsel. Turn from a complaining, grumbling attitude and embrace hopeful expectation instead.




Redeem negative experiences


Loneliness, disappointment and imperfection are things we would rather leave by the roadside, but inside each of these burdens is a blessing in disguise. Use lonely times to nourish your soul by spending time in meditation. Embrace your imperfections (and your spouse’s) so that you gain a fresh understanding of our own frailty. Use this difficult season to cultivate a deeper walk with your spouse. 


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