Marriage Before Carriage – by Focus on the Family Malaysia


Child-oriented parenting often takes its toll on marital bliss 😉




The parenting role can be overwhelming. And if you listen to what society says, you will likely believe you aren’t being good parents unless your home is “child-centred.” In a child-centred family, parents are absorbed in meeting their kids’ needs and exposing them to every possible experience and opportunity.

Parents must learn to strike a balance between ensuring a child’s happiness and maintaining a happy and healthy marital life (cover-pix) 😉



A parent often sacrifices most of his or her free time, giving the love the child deserves. 😉



Couples who spend their parenting years being entirely child-focused may soon realize their marriage is in major trouble. And if couples spend their entire married life making their children the centre of their world, the result may be two people who have little connection once the children are grown and gone.



Determining to keep the health of your marriage a priority is the key to feeling as though you really are more than just a mom and dad – or maid, chauffeur and short-order cook. The biggest challenge is managing your time. Healthy couples don’t find time; they make time together. To do this, you must put your couple time into your busy schedules first – and write it down.



Parenting is a full-time job without condition or compromise, and it is best to start early! 😉



Your children’s schedules should take a backseat to what you and your spouse need from each other. This doesn’t mean you won’t be taking good care of your kids. In fact, if you really want to do what’s best for your kids, you will take care of your marriage first. Love your children and meet their needs. But remember that one of their most crucial needs is to have parents who truly love & care for each other.



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