10 Reasons to Adopt a Senior Mutley Cat


By SPCA Selangor

What you see is what you get! They won’t grow any bigger nor will they change their fur coat or color. This would be great for planning ahead, such as size of the cat bed, cat litter box, and many more.

9 Better developed personality
Some cats love your lap, some prefer the cushion, some cats love talking to you all day, while some love their alone-time. No matter what, a matured cat will have a more pleasant and loving personality compared to a kitten who is still bouncing off the wall and trying to figure themselves out.

8 Expert groomers and always strive to look their best!
Yes, lesser of expert grooming required! Most Mutleys have short-hair and they take little effort to look all suave and elegant. Well, let’s just say they are born with it ;)

7 Never one alike!
Your chance of having two exact same Mutleys is so slim, it is impossible. Since there is no blueprint for a Mutley, you will get a great variety of sizes, colors, fur coat pattern and height. Your Mutley is definitely one-of-a-kind and extremely rare in its own kind!

6 Robust to the brim
Mutleys are genetically healthier and sturdier than their pure-breed cousins. Mixed-breed cats also have a form of hybrid vigor which means that they are generally stronger and healthier as they inherit better genes – a recipe for the best of the best.

“You save two lives by adopting an animal from a shelter. The one that you are adopting, and the one who will take their place”

5 Experienced and (street) smart
They had been around for many cat years, making them great cat-philosophers! They know how to react to different situations and how to avoid danger. Not to forget, that litter box that you find hard to get around to, it’s a well-versed thing with adult cats. They know how to deal with nature calls, properly.

4 Be kind to your wallet
As most Mutleys are generally healthy, you will have less health issues and a low vet bills. However, they will still need their general vaccinations and deworming just like any felines.

3 Teach-a-cat-a-trick
Who say you can’t teach a cat to give a high-paw? All you need is patience and love. Senior cats have better attention span and are able to focus if given proper motivation. Train them with reward incentives and you’ll be amazed with the result.

2 The best napping buddy
They are much calmer, much more pleasant, and are great nappers. Matured cats are more likely to conserve their energy and will not miss their naps for anything. Plus, they will be more than happy to have you join them.

1 More Thankful
Matured cats somehow know that they had been given a second chance and are much more likely to show you their gratitude by being by your side. Don’t forget, these cats had gone through a lot and this could be their last chance to leave the shelter alive and given the love that they had been longing for.

Happy Healthy Pets
Pets rely entirely on us for their health and well-being so it’s time to step up and do the right thing. Join SPCA’s Pet Care Program now! Contact us at enquiries@spca.org.my for more details!


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