Give Your Home A Makeover It Truly Deserves!


Spruce up your home to uplift your mood and spirits in a major way!


Refurbishing your home is often a painstaking, chore-laden and time-consuming task. Nonetheless, carrying out some interior decorating from time to time can help improve your home environment for a better living atmosphere. Improving the ambience of one’s home does make a whole lot of difference to anyone’s life. If you have extra budget and time to spare, why not go on a little renovation spree during the weekend? Perhaps it is time to engage professional cleaners, do some serious repainting work, or eradicate unnecessary clutter around the house. Here are some creative home ideas that would spark and spice up any home!




1-1It’s spring-cleaning time!

Modern homes do get messy and dirty quite often, especially with mischievous kids around the house. For working parents who have little time to tend to domestic matters, having a maid could be viable long-term solution. Up-keeping the home and maintaining cleanliness should be a daily business. Some may want to engage professional housekeeping services to do a thorough spring-clean of their homes for a token fee. For those on a tight budget, they just ‘do-it-yourself’!





IKEA Hellmuth Karasek

Popular DIY home projects

Home furnishing is a fundamental trend these days, with major departmental stores, furniture stores and interior decorating houses providing a myriad selection of attractive home décor and ‘do-it-yourself’ kits for home enthusiasts and aficionados alike. You can easily obtain premium quality materials at bargain prices from reputable home living malls and establishments such as Macy’s, MUJI, IKEA, and Home Depot, just to name a few. These household brands offer the user with exquisite designs and impeccable quality to suit almost anyone’s taste!





living_sweet_home_13Create your own home décor

Adorn your home with the exclusivity and uniqueness of personalized home décor. It could be a Victorian-style fireplace, a sofa lounge set, a bedroom lava lamp, a luxurious fur carpet, an antique dining table, or a posh satellite lighting system. Whatever your individual preference, there is certainly no limit to your imagination when it comes to renovating your home. The only constraint to your sky-high or lofty ambition is the size of your wallet and the depth of your pocket!










Revitalize the home with tech

Incorporating the latest devices, lifestyle gadgets and household appliances can significantly contribute to any home living space in a grand way. A modern home comes to life with the installation of flat-screen televisions and home theatre system, high-tech air-conditioners and water purifiers, advanced refrigerators and dishwashers, state-of-the-art washing machines, and the list goes on. The sheer assortment of technological products available today truly complements the modern lifestyle of what makes a dream home. The future is here now, indeed!






17442948362Redefine your own designs

With so many styles available on interior design in this day and age, it has become practically a hassle to manually choose or select your own favourite designs without having to refer to some authoritative guides or to consult the relevant experts. Instead of hitting the panic button or embark on an aimless shopping spree for home décor, why not identify the things which you want to change first? Make a wish-list of items and accessories you wish to purchase to implement your project. You will also discover exotic new ways to spruce up your home space without having to spend a fortune on exorbitantly-priced merchandise. Even the most stylish of spaces can sometimes detract or distract one from a lovely design. The essential key lies with upgrading the bathroom and toilet, the kitchen areas, bedrooms, as well as other associated living spaces using only practical fixtures, elegant fittings and charming accessories that will make your home come alive!