Homefinder Property & Investment Exhibition



Why this Exhibition?

What’s happening in the property industry? We believe you would have witnessed the following:

  • A slower take up of properties due to the varied measures introduced by the Government.
  • Unsustainable levels of property prices.
  • Repeated and shrinking number of visitors, buyers and investors for properties across all on-ground events from roadshows to exhibitions.
  • Misconceptions of property investments.
  • General decline in economic sentiments.

Due to the above reasons, Homefinder’s eight bold years of experience shall come to play – to lift the market with our unique strategies at our inaugural Exhibition.

Time to Think Out of the Box!

In earnest, because we are Homefinder, we present a more personal way when it comes to buying properties. As such, we will be driving the following objectives at the Exhibition:

  1. We will increase more than just the value of properties.
  2. We will expand our audience for a breadth of fresh air.
  3. Enhancing quality by providing valuable contents.
  4. We value and understand your purchase as a pure purchase as well as an investment.
  5. We are here to talk about the long term, not just short term property investment.

We have a line-up of experienced and exciting speakers to come and share their knowledge and experience with you. We shall reveal their identities in the coming weeks. So stay tuned and come back always.

For reservation of your exhibition space, please call 016-697 7811, 03-7651 7912 or email chiangchiew@ttien.com or enquiries@ttien.com.

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