Homefinder’s 2015 Product Guide to Smart Homes – Part Two


By Simon Loh

2015 has been foreseen as a wonderful and prosperous year for consumer IT and home electronics, notwithstanding groundbreaking home appliances which have witnessed major advancement in technology since human-beings first unlocked the power of the transistor chip back in the 60s. The latest generation of computer microchips, also known as ‘nano chips’ will probably replace most of the integrated circuitry (IC) in use in today’s computers as well as other complex digital information systems ever built by mankind. Business is definitely booming for consumer tech and the overall IT industry. It is pretty obvious we cannot possibly get enough of those “sleek & shiny” products that challenge one’s creativity and defies one’s imagination. Once we have become “hooked & smitten” by their ‘aesthetic appeal’ – products we can hardly leave home without.

Guardzilla Security Camera

Guardzilla 6-8B-02Home automation is all the buzz at the moment and is a major area or department that was well represented at CES 2014. Products are almost universally tied to mobile devices to allow home owners to interact with their residence from anywhere they must have a cellphone or Wi-Fi signal. Home security is something that everyone needs these days as FBI reports state that every 14 seconds a home is burglarised and 90% of thieves will somehow bypass a home with a security system. In short, burglars being opportunists often go for the easy targets. Unfortunately, it can be extremely expensive to install or equip your home between the costs of the hardware and the monitoring services.

Guardzilla’s ultimate goal or objective is to make surveillance more affordable for the masses by allowing the homeowner to do their own real-time monitoring. In essence, it is a Wi-Fi enabled IP camera with downloadable software which allows the camera to act as a motion detector to send notifications to the user(s).

Exclusively for sale at Best Buy stores for USD99.99 with free shipping in two distinct choices of black or white. Although Best Buy often runs sales and likely it will show up for a little while after it has been on the market for some time. It has quite a long feature list which include night vision, pet immunity, built-in siren, built-in speaker & microphone, as well as a micro-SD card slot.
It comes in a package similar to that of a GoPro ‘selfie cam’ with the device in a display cube on top and the contents in a box underneath. In the packaging, we will find the A/C adapter, a clear plastic camera shroud lens, a foam foot-pad for altering the camera angle and a “warning sticker” to ward off those with ill-intent.

Tagg GPS Plus Pet Tracker

tagg-device-3-sqPet owners can now rejoice and sleep soundly as Tagg has recently announced its latest GPS pet tracker will soon feature software integration from Alarm.com. Now it much easier than ever to keep an eye on your furry friend and family member. The latest version of this wearable tracker is the Tagg GPS Plus, introduced during the 2015 International CES. It features a number of improvements over the first generation of a similar tracker device back in 2012, i.e. the Tagg GPS. This device combines an activity monitor, a GPS tracker and an ambient air temperature sensor to locate your pet’s whereabout, in addition to tracking your pet’s position in real time. Major improvements of this wearable device – it is incredibly light-weight and extremely robust. Weighing in at around 1.3 oz or a mere 37 gm, it is also water-proof and knock-resistant. Tagg Plus is “optimised” for pets over 10 lbs or 4.5 kgs, however, smaller pets can use it in tandem with a harness. Ideally, the best fitting position is between the shoulder blades rather than around the neck. The Tagg is also “feline-friendly”, or suitable for use on cats. It also uses a US-wide cellular network to keep you updated – the Plus model has an improved battery life, with standby time of around one to two weeks on a single full charge.

tagg-store-dogThe GPS system lets you set ‘home boundaries’, with alerts coming in via the app if your pet strays too far from its designated zone. The activity tracker, meanwhile, can help you if pet is one of the 54 percent in the US that are obese or overweight. You can use it help you set exercise goals for your chubby and fuzzy friend, with the accelerometer measuring its daily activities. The Alarm.com integration, coming early 2015, will add some new home automation features for people using the Alarm.com service. Not only will you be able to use home video surveillance cameras to check on Doggie or Kitty, but smart locks will let you set custom door codes for pet sitters as well as alerting you to when they have come and gone, or even if they don’t arrive at the correct time. Tagg retails for USD119, with a USD9.95 per month access fee for GPS and cellular connectivity.

Vigilant LilyPad


banner231LilyPad, the first smart Wi-Fi pool thermometer and UV sensor connected to your phone or tablet. Using dual sensors embedded in the LilyPad, users can now enjoy real-time temperature and UV data on their phones or tablet devices. Armed with this information, swimmers can immediately make informed decisions about whether the water is warm enough, or the sun is too strong. Solar intensity varies significantly from day to day. Knowing how strong the sun is helps swimmers make better decisions about when to wear sun protection or use the pool at all.

Weight: 140 gms.
Dimensions: 124 mm (D) X 62 mm (H).
App Compatibility: iOS 7.0; Android 2.3 or above.
Wireless: Bluetooth Smart 4.0
Power: 4*AA batteries, 6-volts.
Battery life: Exceeding 4 months.
UVI sensor range: 0.0 UVI – 15.0 UVI
Temperature range: 0.0℃ to 70.0℃
Accuracy:±1 UVI / ±0.2℃
Resolution: 0.1UVI / ±0.1℃


This kind of behavioural pattern or habit can certainly help fight various types of skin disease including melanoma cancer. Skin cancer prevention is ultimately the solution. Precision pool statistics – i.e. the pool statistics are in real-time and are always on demand.