It is not Paint, It is not Wallpaper, It’s Belka!


By Choong Pui Yee

Walls are crucial to our houses or offices. The different colors, designs, and textures of the walls will provide different sorts of ambience and lasting impressions. In the past, when we want a renewed image of our walls, we repaint it. In more recent times, we have the option to decorate it with wall papers. Still, these measures are often tedious and costly. And let us not forget the fume of paints which may last longer than we want it to be. It can be worse if there are children at home where the smell of paints is even harder for them to bear. But now we have a better alternative – Belka!

Originally a cellulose cover, Belka has evolved to be an interior wall coating material that can replace paint or wallpaper. It is made of natural materials which includes cotton, mineral stones and permissive materials. For consumers who are on a budget, Belka is probably the most cost effective material to replace paint or wall. Unlike the traditional paints, Belka only needs one coating for a professional touch on your interior walls. Besides, Belka can be applied directly to any surface, ranging from brick, tiles, wood, metal and glass. It helps saving time in addition to cementing and decreasing expenditures. Economic benefits aside, Belka is highly stable. It will not crack easily because of its elasticity. It also can be applied directly on any surface to cover flaws such as holes or cracks easily. Other interesting features of Belka include its function as heat, frigidity and noise isolator. For consumers in this region who has to deal with heat on a daily basis, Belka prevents direct contact of sun rays, making our homes or offices cooler.

The good news does not end here. Belka does not compromise on its aesthetics value as it is available in over 60 colors in smooth, textured and decorative textures. Belka can also be custom made to suit one’s preference design concept. For those who have an unconventional or even an eccentric taste for a particular concept of their interior design, look no further from Belka to design your wall. If one is still cautious of this new product, Belka also offers three years warranty of their products. This product has also received numerous awards from South Korea, England and Australia. Do you still need to think twice?