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What is Homefinder Malaysia?

Homefinder Malaysia is a property, lifestyle and home living media with content featuring current issues and the latest trends in real estate, property development and home improvement, both locally as well as abroad. Established since 2006, Homefinder magazine is a premier property publication as well as a pioneer in its respective fields, specifically within the Malaysian real estate market and property industry. At Homefinder, we provide an ideal solution and a seamless platform to promote digital contents and event spaces – bringing together the best of both worlds in real estate development, property investment and home-ownership. We offer home buyers and property investors only the best deals which they truly deserve. With Homefinder, you can be sure of making the right decision with us as we are confident of what we have to offer you. We also believe in fostering closer relationships and inculcating wholesome family values within the home. After all, what is a home without people? Homefinder ~ Own It, Live It! ;)



Always remember, good people produce good properties, good properties produce good homes, good homes produce good lives and good lives produce good income.