A Good Life Begins With Personal Hygiene


When we were young, we have often been told by our parents to wash our hands thoroughly prior to having our meals. This wisdom of the elderly still holds true until today, and forms the foundation of most hygiene campaigns, programs and initiatives. Apart from eating right and regular exercise, there is one other way to ensure that you stay in tip-top form always. Since we use our hands all the time to get things done throughout the day, yet most of us tend to forgo the need to sanitise our hands because we think that a quick wash with water will do the trick. Did you know that despite being cleaned regularly, the toilet door knob is still one of the “germiest” spots or places in public, i.e. shopping malls, as well as at home? Even desks or tables, where sneezes and coughs end up all over, are not spared. Instead of putting these germs back in your mouth when you eat and drink, or taking them home to your loved ones, do yourself a favour and get rid of them on the spot, right there and then! Always remember, “Cleanliness equals godliness.