Makeover Your Dream Home On A Budget…


By : Simon Loh

Simple ‘do-it-yourself’ options to renovate your home on a shoe-string budget…

Since the implementation of the GST many Malaysians were greatly affected by the growing cost of living to decorate their humble abode or personal sanctuary they call ‘home’. Hiring interior designers to renovate or refurbish one’s home can cost a bomb since they often charge an exorbitant fee for their services. You can substantially reduce these costs or overheads by undertaking some small and simple renovation tips and ideas which can bring about major makeover effects or significant impact to your home. The following are five fundamental renovation ideas and techniques which could benefit either average homemakers or adventurous home enthusiasts alike in redecorating their homes to suit their personal budget. The newly-redesigned home may not match or live up to the ‘avant-garde’ quality of celebrity homes, but it would still satisfy or fulfill the needs and requirements of most common or ordinary people in terms of space, comfort and ambience. So happy renovating folks!



A customised plaster ceiling often does wonders for the home. The ceiling wall ranks among the lowest in renovation priorities. Combined with appropriate lighting deco and fixtures, it gives the room a complete sense of finishing while providing an elegant and modern ambience to the entire house.



Since partitions generally create extra room space for the house, partitions deserve proper consideration as a low-cost method or means to divide the home space for effective and optimal usage. While properly defining each space for an objective or purpose, partitions are either temporary or permanent depending on your design plans for your home. Partitions also tend to create an aura, effect or illusion of volume and space of a small home within a big home.


The importance of lighting can never be understated as it is the second most important aspect in most renovation principles and ideas. In order to obtain the best effect from your lighting fixtures, it is best to mix & match your lighting design and selection to that of your home configuration and expectation. For the best budget lighting, you can visit your neighbourhood lighting store to seek their professional advice and assistance. When purchasing from electrical shops, ensure the design & installation plan/package matches that of your home.

6983420117_a9b54821e4_oKITCHEN CAB

An magnificent kitchen would not be complete without cool kitchen cabinets and an awesome kitchen island. Proper planning will be needed to ensure cooking flow remains dynamic and uninterrupted. For the most part of the home renovation, the design of the kitchen will take up a major chunk of the renovating budget. Tailor-made kitchen cabinets and customise kitchen islands according to the house floorplan to avoid unnecessary and expensive changes or modifications in the future. However, it is still best to enquire friends and family members to recommend the best contractors available to get the best pricing or quotation. Research via forums will also help one apprehend what to anticipate.

WALL-PAINT – Having the ‘correct colour coordination’ (3Cs) should be the top priority of your home renovation wish-list. The interior design of any home must consist of wall paint that suits one’s preference & personality, as well as blending in with its surrounding ambience. Overall cost should be minimal if you are going “D-I-Y” or doing the painting yourself. To further reduce the overall costing, you can always hire your friends and families to help out. And if you are looking for a professional touch on your wall paint, you can always try a different paint offering or selection, such as the exclusive edition Nippon’s Momento. A manual or reference accompanies your paint purchase which serves as a general guideline for home painting, i.e. DIY- styled painting for layman, amateurs & professionals.


*All the above images are courtesy of Mark Nordgren @ www.bellafauxfinishes.com