Where Reality Meets Dreams

The Stafford at the Western Heritage

Now if you care to dream a little more, dream on to the fairy land of Setia Eco Glades, where not only your dream can come true but a life that can be fully fulfilled as a fantasy in reality.

The nostalgic recollection of yesteryears will almost always warm our hearts, especially if it comes from a great conversation, a good book or simply just a great matinee on a Sunday afternoon. You might recall how the world was slower, without gadgets in our hands as we raised our cups to toast for afternoon tea. There may also be memories of relatives visiting on weekends, to meet with grandpa and also the dinner that followed after.

In this romantic recollection of the past, Setia Eco Glades strives forth to bring back that of yesterday and infuse them into our modern architecture today. Across 108 hectares in all, eight islands exist to house this collection of heritage homes, surrounded by waterscapes of eight fountains, the birds, butterflies and the wild plants. That’s not all, the development wizards at Setia have also brought on future lifestyle aspirations into the blueprint of Setia Eco Glades such as the five reacreational Hammock Clubs, Shanghai inspired The Bund and the iconic dressing of its commercial centre. This is part of the heritage Setia is imparting, and implanting too, to the well planned and perfectly connected space of Cyberjaya.

The foundation of Setia Eco Glades stems from none other than its award winning DNA at Setia Eco Park where the practice is as lively and possible as an eco dream could fetch. Even before construction takes place, the Setia team had already embarked forward to preserve over 1,500 matured trees within the development’s confines. It also consulted experts from the Forest Research Institute of Malaysia, Malaysia Nature Society and the National Zoo to ensure the eco dream lives on in this sanctuary of villas, semi-detacheds, bungalows and condominiums in time to come. The purpose, to reintegrate that which were often removed when the bricks and mortar were brought together to erect our homes.

On the man-made front, rain water harvesting, Building Integrated PhotoVoltaics, 24-hour security system as well as the robust 1 gigabit Internet connectivity to each home are pieced together seamlessly, becoming our perfect example of blending a purposeful practice of technology into the classic heritage character of modern estates. The management team is also putting on its thinking cap to devise the best foot forward for water security, a feature that will complement as well as complete the safety considerations of the entire development.

Among its collection ready for the distinguished buyers and investors today are the semi detached homes, link villas and bungalows at the Isles of Eastern and Western Heritage. The handsome built-up is a non-competition where the East is inspired by our very own Peranakan heritage while the west shall stand exuding the aura of the colonial English, Dutch, French and Spanish. These seemingly fairytale castles provide more than 3,166 sq ft of interior space each with a land size measuring from 26’ x 85’.

Across to the west at Leprironia Gardens, 110 double story detached homes await us with just as spacious a home starting from 3,253 sq ft a piece. And then to the north eastern side of Setia Eco Glades, 115 2½-story link villas are seated on the mystique Liuli Gardens. From the Eastern and Western Heritage and across to the Leprironia and Liuli Gardens these charming residences are priced from RM1.1 million each, certainly the best that our money can invest in today.

Targeted to complete on the milestone year of 2020 where Malaysia celebrates its fully developed status as afforded by the Vision 2020, this RM3 billion neighborhood is almost certain to grace the covers of magazines, dailies and screens as it sweeps awards and accolades across the globe traversing from one category to the next in the years to come. Reality shall then meet our dreams as it escalates in status, appreciates in value and dazzle our hearts, just like how its well decorated predecessor at Setia Eco Park has done.

Bel Retiro at the Eastern Heritage


Setia Eco Glades, Cyberjaya
Isles of Eastern and Western Heritage @ Setia Eco Glades
• 2-story Semi Detached, 24 units, built-up area 3,546sf, standard land size 41’ x 85’, from RM2,064,800
• 2½-story Link Villa, 51 units, built-up area3,166sf to 3,289sf, land size 26’ x 85’, from RM1.33 to RM2 million
• 2-story Bungalow, 8 units, built-up area 4,335sf, standard land size 59’ x 85’, from RM2.69 to RM3.1 million

Lepironia Garden @ Setia Eco Glades
• 2-story Semi Detached, 110 units, built-up area 3,253 to 3,257sf, Standard Land Size 41’ x 90’ & 41’ x 95’, from RM1.74 to RM2.3 million

Liu Li Garden @ Setia Glades
• 2-story Link Villa, 115 units, built-up area 2,863 to 3,130sf, land size 26’ x 95’, from RM1.1 to RM1.7 million

108 hectares or 268 acres, freehold, RM3 billion in GDV, based on award-winning Setia Eco Park, slated for completion in 2020.
A total of 2,400 terrace homes, semi-detached homes, bungalows, apartments and commercial units. Waterfront community designed on eight heritage concepts, eight islands and eight fountains.
Five Hammock Clubs with swimming pools, gyms, basketball courts, social spaces.
Gated and guarded, 24-hour security system, canine patrols, Infrared-sensing CCTV surveillance, perimeter fencing, vibration sensors, Personalized Radio Frequency (PRF) Tag for residents’ access, water patrolling (planning).
Smart home system – intercoms to guard house, vibration sensors, smoke detectors, SMS alerts from home alarm, access and control the security system using smart phones or computers, Fibre-To-The-Home (FTTH) infrastructure at up to 1 Gigabit access.

Eco Efforts?
Collaborated with the Forest Research Institute of Malaysia (FRIM), Malaysia Nature Society (MNS) and National Zoo.
72 bird species and 27 fish species tagged for migration. Over 1,500 mature trees preserved and transplanted on site. 3,000 seedlings planted to create habitats and food sources for native and introduced wildlife.
Landscaped streets, rainwater harvesting, Building Integrated PhotoVoltaics (homeowners can sell renewable energy generated to the national grid), eco friendly paint, LED lighting, gearing for GBI certification.

How to get there?
Accessibility via MEX (Maju Expressway), North-South Expressway (ELITE Highway), minutes from Cyberjaya Transport Terminal (CTT) and Putrajaya Sentral in Precinct 7.

Call +603 8686 2255, fax +603 8686 2222, email eco-glades@spsetia.com or surf to www.setiaecoglades.com.my. Address: Setia Eco Glades, Century Square, G-C, Ground Floor, Block 2330, Jalan Usahawan, Off Jalan Persiaran Multimedia, Cyber 6, 63000 Cyberjaya.