Universal Cable Launches UniHome Housing Cables


Universal Cable (M) Berhad today launches UniHome, a housing cable certified by SIRIM and Suruhanjaya Tenaga. Universal Cable is a cable and wire manufacturer with approvals and certifications from accredited laboratories and authorities in Malaysia, Netherlands, Italy, United States, Singapore and Switzerland for their different range of product categories. Universal Cable (M) Berhad is one of the most awarded cable manufacturers in Malaysia. “Since 1967, we have been producing low to high voltage cables and wires for both residential and industrial purposes. Universal Cable’s products are used for power generation, transmission & distribution, oil & gas industry as well as public locations like airports, commercial and residential projects”, said Tan Kok Hong, Managing Director of Universal Cable (M) Berhad.

  • Urgent need for Malaysians to be aware and prevent electrical faults related fire
  • Standards-compliant housing cable for power distribution at home
  • UniHome features 100% copper conductor and high grade PVC insulation

“UniHome housing cables distribute electricity for residential applications that are manufactured to the highest of quality and safety complying to the international standards and specifications” Tan said.

“There are many substandard cables flooding our market today. These cables are not designed, manufactured or test-approved to meet the requirements of the international standards and specifications; hence, their quality and safety are compromised. We are concerned because there has been a rise in reports of fire breakouts in premises, industrial and commercial buildings attributed to electrical

faults. These substandard cables could be the cause of fires, short circuits and electrocution. Hence, there is an urgent need for homeowners and the public in general to know that not all cables in the market meet the standards requirements” Tan said. UniHome uses 100% copper as the conductor for electricity and it is insulated with high grade PVC material.

“As copper price is on the rise and the market is becoming very competitive, there are housing cables manufacturers who use aluminium or steel clad copper as the conductor in order to secure sales. This practice is against the standards requirements and authorities approvals. Though the conduction of electricity still takes place but at a less efficient rate which leads to cables overheating and ultimately burning, causing a hazardous situation,” Tan explained.

The Fire and Rescue Department Malaysia reported that in the first six months of January to June 2010, 2889 fire cases were directly caused by electrical faults and is the number one cause of fire in Malaysia. A recent example is the case where it was reported that former Mr Asia, Bujang Taha lost his home and all his medals when his home in Kuching was burnt down due to electrical cables.

“We generally seldom pay attention to the cables that go into the walls of our home. While most of us do not have the choice as the cabling are already done for us when we purchase or rent the home, Universal Cable believes that we should at least be aware of the possible situation. It might save our hard earned home and even lives of our loved ones”, Tan said.

“I would like to urge all Malaysians to take an interest and know what goes into the wall of our homes for the safety of our family. It will give that peace of mind that at least we have taken action to prevent a possible untoward incident,” Tan added. Universal Cable is making available a guide on understanding cables and electrical fire prevention on its website. Visitors will also be able to receive the guide at the upcoming Modern Home Fair at Mid Valley Exhibition Centre from March 25-27, 2011.

Among the guide highlights are the dangers of substandard cables and ways to identify safety-assured housing cables. It also provides some easy tips to follow on electrical safety.

“With more than 44 years of experience in the cable and wire manufacturing business, Universal Cable is recognized internationally as we comply with even the most stringent standards such as that of high hazard locations in the oil and gas industry. Our UniHome housing cables are of no difference as it is manufactured through the same technology and according to the required standards. In the process, we hope to help lessen the number of fires caused by electrical faults or substandard cables,” Tan said.

UniHome is available in 8 common sizes of 1.5mm2 for normal lighting use, 2.5mm2 for standard socket points and in incremental sizes of 4mm2, 6mm2, 10mm2, 16mm2, 25mm2 and 35mm2 for various electrical household uses.

Universal Cable is the largest cable and wire manufacturer in Malaysia with three manufacturing plants located in Johor and one plant in Nilai, Negeri Sembilan. For peace of mind, visit www.ucable.com.my for further information on UniHome and guide on cable identification and selection.