The World Vs. VOCs


Danger – Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC)

VOC can be dangerous to humans and the environment. The threat is found in solvents used in paints to control drying time and paint properties. VOC are released into the air when paint dries and could diffuse for years! This will deteriorate indoor air quality and eventually may weaken even the healthiest of people. VOC levels indoor are at its highest when painting work is in progress. Inhaling these VOC may cause serious health issues to arise, like cancer. Caution – VOC can be found in various paint products, lacquers, cleaning supplies, adhesives, paint strippers and varnishes.

AkzoNobel, the world’s largest paints and coatings company, striving to bring innovation and sustainability to the world is on a mission to create products that are not only safe for people but also the environment. A pioneer in their trade, AkzoNobel is a Global Fortune 500 company and one of the chemical sector’s leaders in the Dow Jones Sustainability Index which benchmarks economy, sustainability and social developments. If anyone can save the world from VOC, they can.

Dulux, the brand that has traversed the world, seeks to bring parent company AkzoNobel’s innovation and sustainability ideas to the masses. Together, they are an unstoppable force.

Introducing the new low odor and low VOC range of high quality interior emulsion paints from Dulux. Harmful emissions are substantially reduced in this range as water is used as a carrier instead of petroleum-based solvents. This range of safe and high quality products is certified green by Green Label Singapore, an organization committed to environmental protection and preservation.


Mother Nature feels the heat as VOC released into the air is also a form of greenhouse gas that contributes to global warming and at the same time polluting the Earth’s soil and water. Together with other greenhouse gases, this deadly combination may cripple the Earth in the long run.

Surely there’s light at the end of this foggy and corrupted tunnel…indeed, in the form of Dulux Paints. With their new low odor and low VOC paint range, they operate on sickly houses, painting them into beautifully pleasant and healthy homes. As dull neighborhoods spring to life with color, people rejoice as they and their families are bestowed a healthy, sustainable and vibrant living environment.

Now, family members can go around their usual routine in the house while it is being painted. And when using Dulux’s low VOC paints, even the painters themselves can work undaunted, safe from any VOC trying to invade their body.

Mother Nature breathes a sigh of relief as emission levels of VOC start to slowly drop around the globe. As the world turns, Mother Nature wins a point in her never ending war against pollution and global warming. Humans get a wakeup call and shown how fragile planet Earth really is, realizing that the world must be preserved and protected for future generations!

Do your part in ensuring your family’s as well as the planet’s well being.

Make it a point to use low VOC products when contemplating a makeover for your home. Isn’t it our responsibility to screen our families from harm and to safeguard our own planet? Every small step that we take may ultimately be the very brush that paints out a bigger picture; a healthier and sustainable tomorrow for everyone.