Green Revolution


Looks just like the real thing, only better.

Visitors getting their queries on solar panels answered.

The sun is free, why not use it?

Stackable musical furniture.

Jeffy Lay, Kenmos Technology’s Vice President (R) showing the Polli-bricks structure to Dato’ Sri Peter Chin, Minister of Energy, Green Technology and Water.

Visitors interested in the garden wall works.

One man’s waste, another man’s gold.

Text : Eunice Ng

The green tide hits stronger at the second International Greentech & Eco Products Exhibition & Conference Malaysia (IGEM) 2011. Echoing the theme: A Green New Deal – The Next Frontier, it breathes a new depth to green technology and innovation that is not only serious, but mixed with a whole lot of creativity and fun.

What more when such efforts are birthed from a principle of not taking more than what is should from Mother Nature and to reuse and recycle its produce. Green is now ‘mean’ with a flash of new technologies, products and services, from over 300 exhibitors from countries such as Austria, France, Czech Republic, Netherlands, Japan, Korea, Spain and Taiwan.

Granite Beauty

This igneous rock has often been cladding the interiors and exteriors of buildings for its admired aesthetics and sturdy quality. But mining these elements is environmentally damaging as it involves extensive earth blasting.

Spraystone by Westin International Corporation, Taiwan, is the new generation of exterior coating system. It allows you to have the granite look and feel to your building without compromising price and sacrificing beauty.

By using a spray gun, this flawless replica to that of real granite can be applied on existing surfaces like cement walls, stainless steel, aluminium metal, ceramic tiles and many more.

It is strong, durable and able to withstand abrasions from rain, acid and harsh weather. You eliminate the problem of dust attraction, cracking, discoloration and mold growth altogether.

Power Producer

Roofs shield us from the sun, yet homeowners often neglect this one most important feature of a house. A poorly maintained roof breeds unsightly vegetation and mildew. Why not put your roof to good use? Utilize your roof space to shield you from the heat as well as to harness energy from the sun.

This not only conserves energy, it also brings you profit as you can sell the energy generated back to the TNB grid via the Feed in Tariff at a higher-than-market rate. Now you can partner the sun and be power producer of your own home using Laurenz Leistung Sdn Bhd’s solar roofing solutions.

Perfect Glow

A stupendous architecture at the exhibition, Miniwiz Sustainable Energy Development Ltd from Taiwan constructed a mini structure within the exhibition using PTE plastic bottles.

Inside, The Peanut musical furniture sits under the luminance of The Leaf Ceiling LED Luminaire. The proposition is simple: Everything of this structure and within it is made from trash.

It looks like a stool but The Peanut Musical Furniture is in fact a sustainable bamboo furniture set with Hi-Fi music player. Just place your iPad, iPod or iPhone on the designated area and voilà, you have music playing from the first sound system made out of 100% sustainable and recycled materials.

The Leaf Ceiling LED Luminaire features energy saving LED, which is also made from 100% sustainable and recycled materials. This down light glows a perfect luminance without causing much glare that will hurt the eyes.

It is just perfect for any environment, be it for the home or commercial use. Its energy saving attribute allows you to save 50% or more on energy usage over traditional lighting.

Hanging Gardens

Ever dream of having a garden but unable to own one due to limited space? With the Energy-Saving Green Wall System by S+ Association Landscape Design Co, Ltd from Taiwan, you can. Cultivation pots mount on top of each other are held by steel structures placed against the wall.

Its innovative design allows ease of watering with no worries of leakage. It also ensures pots stay firm. Fulfill your desires of having a galore of plants from flowers to vegetables, occupying the entire wall if that is what you wish.


If we do what Japan did we will not have to worry about our ever mounting landfills. Kayama Industrial Wastes Disposal Co Ltd preserves the environment by recycling wastes and turning them into refuse paper and plastic fuel to replace coal.

This ‘new coal’ is used as boiler fuel to generate electricity, replacing coal at a fraction of its cost. The ‘new coal’ costs only RM40 to RM60 per ton instead of a hefty RM200 to RM300 per ton of coal.