The Unique, The VERVE®


The VERVE® Suites is able to provide its residents with lives full with verve where there is an abundance of vigour and liveliness because of its strategic locations.

The name VERVE® emerged in the market in 2006 in Mont’ Kiara and now there is another, VERVE® Suites KL South in Old Klang Road which is targeted to be completed by mid-2016.

The VERVE® Suites KL South, the first project in Malaysia to achieve Green Mark Certification for existing residential building by the Building & Construction Authority of Singapore (BCA) introduces The Vercadicos Living Concept with a total of 321 fully furnished one-bedroom and two-bedroom suites, 45 SOHO units, and retail units at ground level housed within two towers.

The Vercadicos Sky Bridge that links the two towers together was inspired by the Arkadiko bridge built in the Bronze Age and is still existing in Greece.

The 200 ft. length Sky Bridge has an Energy Bar, a Theatre, a Combat/Yoga Zone, a Sky Gym, a Chill Zone, a Bridge Lounge, a Sky Kitchen and a Sky Diner.

VERVE® Suites is dynamically and modernly designed. The future developments also promise to offer unique designs and urban-living that are beyond the conventional expectation.

Being a resident in VERVE® Suites, one’s life is surely taken to a whole new level.