The First I&L Showcase


By : Lawrence Julius

2011 International Investment and Lifestyle Showcase in conjunction with the 3rd Expatriate Services Expo 2011  

Organizer: TTJ Exhibition Companies and JIB Events

Date: Sept 23-25, 2011

Location: Solana Lifestyle Shopping Park, Beijing, China

China is one of the strongest economies in today’s world. Buying power has increased and with that, a change of lifestyle. In conjunction with the 3rd Expatriate Services Expo 2011, organizers TTJ Exhibition Companies and JIB Events will incorporate the first International Investment and Lifestyle Showcase this September. Zhang Tao, Exhibition Director of TTJ Exhibition Companies chats with Home Finder about this luxury event in Beijing.     

THE 2011 International Investment and Lifestyle Showcase is just around the corner, how are the preparations going so far?

Everything is going smoothly. This is the first ever International Investment and Lifestyle Showcase and the reception is good. So far, 65% of the Expatriate Services Expo space has been taken-up and we expect it to be fully booked by event time.  

What is the expected number of visitors during this three-day event?

We expect to see around 40,000 people in Solana Lifestyle Shopping Park, which is a popular up-class hangout. Solana itself attracts the crowd. This three-day event is guaranteed to bring in high visitor-ship as it fits in with the luxurious atmosphere here.

How many exhibitors will there be?

All the exhibitors are selected as the Expatriate Service Expo is meant to be intimate and luxurious. Keeping to it, there will only be about 60 booths in total. For the Investment and Lifestyle Showcase, only around 10 specially selected overseas investment and property companies will attend from countries such as the United Kingdom, Australia, Malaysia and Cyprus.

What are the highlights of this event?

The exhibitors will be provided comprehensive services apart from exhibiting. There will be seminar slots, conference room access, pre-targeted customer invitations as well as official recommendation after the expo. These are just some of the added services we provide. The event has a more western feel to it, combined with the location; it makes a truly unique and exciting event.

What are the goals or targets of the event?

The primary goal is to allow visitors to access investment and property opportunities in a casual and relaxed environment. The Solana complex creates enormous traffic flow. Visitors can enjoy their weekend here and at the same time keep abreast of the latest financial and property offers from around the world.  For exhibitors, it gives the unprecedented opportunity to meet with not just the high-end luxury shoppers that Solana attracts but also with the large expat community that the 3rd Expatriate Service Expo brings. Financial and property investments play a crucial role in our everyday lives, just as equally important as searching for the right kind of education for our children or healthcare products.

Why was the International Investment and Lifestyle Showcase tied in with the 3rd Expatriate Services Expo?

…because this is a high-end event meant for those who really want to invest and buy property overseas. This can be seen from our choice of location. At the same time the event size is not overdone. The target audience also coincides perfectly.