Perfecting the Equation at Bandar Seri Putra


Welcome to a sustainable township with about 16,800 residents and growing. Now add SP Retail Centre into the mix.

It’s about Time

“We want to create a town center within Bandar Seri Putra,” says Ng Tay Guan, General Manager.

To create commercial activity, Bangi Heights Development Sdn Bhd, subsidiary of UM Land Bhd is releasing its new phase, SP Retail Centre comprising of 14 limited units of three and four stories of shop offices. These new shop offices will enjoy no less visibility and exposure especially when it’s located centrally in the SP Retail Centre, within Bandar Seri Putra which is just off the KL-Seremban Highway.

Launched in 1997, the main amenities of Bandar Seri Putra’s township are intact and complemented by the development of schools, town parks, police stations etc.


“Currently, an existing intermediate shop office fetches between 8 to 9 % yield. A ground floor unit of the intermediate shop office can fetch about RM3,000 per month; and the whole lot would fetch around RM4,500 per month.”

“The price in the secondary market for the completed shop offices is already touching RM800,000 whereas it was only about RM600,000 when it was first launched in 2007.”

Freehold, the 1.65-acre of shop office in SP Retail Centre is estimated to complete in early 2012. With built-up of 5,248 sq ft and 6,997 sq ft for the intermediate lots and 7,959 sq ft to 9,810 sq ft for the corner lots, these shop offices are big enough to accommodate all business needs.

According to Ng, nothing unsightly and everything here is built with the end-user in mind, like an apron for the air-conditioning unit and aluminums louver wall to hide the view of it, allowing for a clean and modern looking building.

“The shared corridor facing the main road is designed column free to allow uninterrupted view and passage for the end user.”

Based on the two earlier phases, Ng shares that the demographic of the buyers are almost equal with 42% Bumiputra and 58% non-Bumiputra. About 22% of the total 898 acres is left to be developed. The balance will comprise more commercial units and will take another three to five years for development to commence.

“Also a retail outlet street mall is in our future plan,” Ng reveals.

Shop Office

  • Freehold
  • Gross Development Value, RM17mil
  • Total acreage, 1.65 acres
  • Estimated completion, early 2012
  • 14 units in total, 3-story; 7 units
  • Intermediate, land area, 1,765sf; built-up, 5,248sf;
  • Corner, land area, from 2,671sf and 2,766sf; built-up, 7,959sf and 8,188sf
  • Selling price starts from RM935,000 4-story; 7 units
  • Intermediate, land area, 1,765sf; built-up, 6,997sf;
  • Corner, land area, from 2,486sf and 2,691sf; built-up, 9,810sf and 10,612sf
  • Selling price starts from RM1,079,000

* 10% bumiputra discount is given to first 7 bumiputra purchasers.

Facilities in Bandar Seri Putra
Primary and religious schools, Petronas station, post office, police station, town park, suraus, health clinic with quarters
Secondary school to be ready in 2011

Growth of Bandar Seri Putra

1997 Township launched with 261 bungalow lots & 58 units of 3- & 4-story shop offices

2001 1,072 apartments, 72 single story shops & 58 units of 3- & 4-story shop offices completed

2002 Population, 1,981; 602 apartments, 152 townhouses, 125 terrace houses completed

2003 Population, 3,500; 250 terrace houses and 56 semi-detached completed

2004 Population, 4,688; 237 terrace houses completed

2005 108 terrace houses completed; Post office and police station in operation

2006 80 apartments, 140 terrace houses and 60 semi-detached completed

2007 Population, 13,500; 144 townhouses, 417 terrace houses and 56 cluster houses completed; Petrol station in operation

2008 Population, 14,630; 62 semi-detached completed

2009 Population, 15,645; 92 semi-detached, 23 bungalows & 24 units of 3-story shop office completed; Primary and religious school commenced

2010 Population, 16,800; 139 terrace houses completed; Health clinic with quarters is ready and to commence operations soon; Launched in April, 63 terrace houses, 38 semi-detached, 16 bungalows

Total to date 4,230 units 4,076 residential and 154 commercial units

Coming on stream from launches between June and October 2009, 121 terrace houses, 46 semi-detached, 8 bungalows