Parkview Performance



This mixed-use development in Beijing, China is in the works to become a landmark of epic proportions on the eco-friendly world map. Scheduled for a grand launching at the end of 2011, the stage is set for this 2,152,782 sq ft (200,000 sq m) mega structure developed by Parkview Group to shine.

The four towers, designed by the architects of Intergrated Design Associates, will be enveloped by an Ethylene Tetrafluoroethylene (ETFE) membrane system roof. It is a transparent environmental shield that acts as a modulator which self-adapts the interior air temperature and quality through energy-saving natural ventilation systems. This special membrane roof is also light-friendly as Parkview is designed to enable 100% of the natural light to come into the building, minus 98% of the UV rays.

Parkview shells four main buildings comprising a shopping mall, commercial offices and a luxury boutique hotel. All four towers will be interconnected via link bridges. They come with atria spaces, sky-gardens and terraces. Another Beijing first would be the 236-meter internal suspension bridge, which cuts diagonally across the 602,778 sq ft (56,000 sq m) shopping mall, giving visitors an amazing panorama of Parkview’s four towering buildings.

The towers hold 882,640 sq ft (82,000 sq m) of office space, designed with a unique 12-meter column-to-column building standard and created with the latest technology in building systems such as ceiling chilling, under-floor air-conditioning and heat recovery management systems.

Completing the orchestra is Hotel Éclat Beijing, located at the “peak” of Parkview. The hotel promises a high standard of service and luxury with 100 individually designed suites, not to mention the spectacular 9,687 sq ft (900 sq m) Presidential Suite, for the royalty and royals at heart.

Parkview was designed specifically with one thing in mind, sustainability. And the ETFE membrane roof plays a vital,but not the only, role. For example, the HVAC system and rain water harvesting system are all integrated in this “shell” that encapsulates the towers; it regulates air quality, keeps lighting in check and reduces energy consumption. These features enable Parkview to score past the standards set by LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) and getting pre-certified Platinum in the process. When compared to a conventional building of equivalent size, the figures reveal Parkview’s energy usage to be 50% lesser.

Little but significant details like low flow faucets, sensory lighting and a dedicated car park for energy efficient vehicles to name a few, contributed to its sustenance agenda and add up to the final total. Materials used to build Parkview also scored points on the benchmark with 25% of the total construction material being made up of recycled content. It is also a delight to know that 85% of waste produced such as concrete, steel and others during construction was recycled via an external party, which means extra points for the Parkview boys.

This development garnered much attention around the world for winning MIPIM’s award for Best Green Building in 2010, deservedly with such fine attention to detail, creating China’s first Platinum LEED certified mixed-use development. For the top efforts put into Parkview Green FangCaoDi, this mega green establishment is a true performance property; tuned to perfection, fulfilling every desire, overtaking its competition, outstanding and unique. This is an addition any skyline would be proud of.

  • Developer Parkview Group
  • Architects Integrated Design Associates
  • Size 2,152,782 sq ft (200,000 sq m)
  • Address No 9, Dong Da Qiao Road, Chaoyang District, Beijing China
  • Soft opening Sept 2011
  • Grand opening Dec 2011

Parkview Green Checklist Energy Efficiency

  • Climate control
  • Lighting
  • Energy-saving facilities

Water Efficiency

  • Saving
  • Recycling

Sustainable Materials

  • Construction Waste Management
  • Recycled Content
  • Regional Material
  • Demountable partitioning system which can be reused over time
  • Interface carpets throughout the public area of building

Healthy Living

  • Construction Waste Management
  • Recycled Content
  • Regional Material
  • Interface carpets throughout the public area of building
  • Highly Filtered Indoor Air Quality throughout the offices and retail spaces
  • “Grade A” office spaces on a 12m grid. This allows large open offices floor plates of up to 8,200 sq m
  • Access to natural daylight throughout building through the transparent ETFE membrane roof with 98% less UV
  • Composite recycled wood in all public areas
  • Parking areas dedicated for energy efficient vehicles
  • Electronic Charging points for electric vehicles