Pantai Sentral Park celebrates Malaysian haute couture


PSP En Vogue commemorates Malaysian fashion scene with the latest creations from local designers and professional fashion insights at the iconic ICE Gallery


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The ICE Gallery at Pantai Sentral Park uses naturally flowing forms and spaces to create a feeling of living in harmony with nature.


A celebration of fashion and style of the special kind was held at the ICE Gallery at IJM LAND’s Pantai Sentral Park recently. More than 150 guests were invited to take a sneak peek at the latest fashion trends created by celebrated and iconic Malaysian designers comprising Fairuz Ramdan of FAIRUZ RAMDAN BESPOKE, Fern Chua of FERN and Xavier Mah and Alfred Hor of XALF. The highlight of the event saw celebrity stylist and fashion critic Zaihani Zain giving a fruitful and insightful talk about her personal vision of the local fashion industry. Aptly labelled PSP En Vogue, the event showcased a wide range of intriguing and inspiring creations from bespoke high heels and summery light dresses for women to stylish and elegant polo shirts for men. Those who could not resist their urge of getting their hands on the latest trendy outfits could purchase their favourite designer creations directly during the event showcase itself.








(L-R): Alfred Hor and Xavier Mah of XALF, IJM LAND Sales and Marketing Manager Grace Foo, fashion icon Zaihani Zain, Fairuz Ramdan of FR BLUE LABEL, Fern Chua of FERN.


Our new township Pantai Sentral Park in the heart of the New Golden Triangle connecting Bangsar, Kuala Lumpur and Petaling Jaya is a premium development project that emphasises on quality living and the good feeling of enjoying all the exciting things that live has to offer. No matter what this good life means for you, we do our best to cover every angle so that everybody finds something they love about PSP. With PSP En Vogue, we want to provide our guests with an exclusive look into the luxurious world of fashion and design and have them experience the values of Pantai Sentral Park at first hand. And just like a fashion designer pays a lot of attention to details like stitching, the right fabric or the perfect colour combination, every aspect of Pantai Sentral Park was carefully designed to be ecologically sustainable, community friendly and economically efficient”. – Grace Foo, Sales and Marketing Manager, IJM LAND.


All the designers who attended PSP En Vogue presented their creations directly to guests and bestowed their personal touch to the gallery. Fairuz Ramdan, member of the Malaysian Official Designers’ Association (MODA) and founder of FAIRUZ RAMDAN BESPOKE, introduced his FR Blue Label to the participating audience. Fern Chua, winner of Fashion Pitch 2013 by MyCreative Ventures and founder of FERN, a young and dynamic fashion label that redefines aesthetic elegance of Malay Batik among the open-minded and fashion-conscious, brought her SS16 collection ‘The Sound of The Sea’ to the gallery showcase. Xavier Mah and Alfred Hor, joint co-founders of bespoke luxury footwear label XALF, combines classic vintage aesthetics of the past with contemporary Bohemian New York style and meticulous high-quality craftsmanship.


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Celebrity stylist and fashion icon Zaihani Zain shared her personal views of the industry in her talk ‘Are you FASHION enough?’


The ICE Gallery, IJM LAND’s Centre of Excellence and property gallery at Pantai Sentral Park, represents the ideal stage for a fashion and design event such as this all thanks to its well thought-out interior design seamlessly integrating dynamic flowing elements to create a feeling of organic nature within two interlocking cubes. Apart from getting acquainted and becoming accustomed to the latest developments within Pantai Sentral Park, visitors also got to meet and rub shoulders with all the esteemed designers of unique and exclusive fashion pieces. One such designer was former Media Prima fashion advisor and style icon, Zaihani Zain, who took to the stage to share her vision of fashion and imparted numerous style tips and fashion advice during her ‘Are You FASHION Enough?’ talk segment.


The most important advice that I can give you is that you can’t create style. If you pay attention to trends and details, you will know what is fashionable and what is not”, she mentioned during her talk. “Even with a small budget you can come up with a beautiful outfit. It is not about how expensive something is, but how well you combine the pieces and how you use accessories to add the final touches to your attire.” – Zaihani Zain, fashion guru and style icon.


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Model and actress Andrea Lee adores the high heels by XALF and its designer Alfred Hor.


Once completed, KL’s “One and Only Urban Forest City” Pantai Sentral Park (PSP) will consist of some 13 phases, sub-divided into commercial lots and residential estates spanning a total area of approx. 58 acres. Developed by IJM LAND, the township’s concept of green and sustainable living is subtly expressed through convenient amenities such as Green Connectors & Boulevards that function as meeting hubs for residents; a Linear Forest Walk that invites residents to further explore the surrounding forest area; or a pedestrian-friendly architecture that curbs excessive pollution from road-bound vehicles. The township’s first two residential phases, namely Inwood and Secoya residences are currently under construction but are already highly sought-after by the general public. Those interested about this project can visit us at the ICE Gallery for a preview session. For further information, kindly visit: www.pantaisentralpark.com