ORANGEBEAM bags RM84.9m Contract from Westports Malaysia 😉


Going from strength to strength with value-added projects 😉




PUTRAJAYA, 15 November 2019 – Construction and development company, ORANGEBEAM has bagged a RM84.9 million contract from Westports Malaysia Sdn Bhd for the construction of its Container Terminal CT9 Yard Zones Y and Z as well as main infrastructure works at the back of CT8/9. With this new win, the company’s outstanding construction order book stands at RM1.4 billion, to be recognised over the next three years. This is the fourth construction job ORANGEBEAM has secured this year, bringing its year-to-date contract wins to RM763 million and order book growth of 34 per cent year on year (y-o-y).


ORANGEBEAM Group Chief Executive officer, Dato’ Faris Yahaya said: “We are pleased to have received a letter of award from Westports Malaysia Sdn Bhd for this project. This contract marks 18 years of our partnership with Westports and a reflection of their trust and confidence in our capabilities and specialty in maritime construction.”


The scope of work which will take eight months to complete comprises four sectionals: Zone Z (blocks 1 to 3), Zone Y (blocks 11 and 12), Zone Z (blocks 4 to 7, including sub-station no. SS23) and Zone Z (blocks 8 to 12). The construction works cover earthworks, fencing, roadworks, drainage, building works, electrical, and mechanical works among others.


In the past, we have worked with Westports Malaysia for the construction of its wharf, yard and access bridges. Our builders constructed wharfs CT5 to 9, except for CT 8-1, measuring 2.7 km and valued at more than RM1B. We are glad to join forces again and aim to deliver our best for this project according to specifications and timeline,” said Faris.


Our infrastructure sector capability also includes the construction of the Raw Water Supply Project in 2014 for Petronas’ Refinery and Petrochemical Integrated Development (PAMER), the longest large size raw water pipeline in Malaysia. It was a highly technical 23-month single contract package implementation project that won us the Malaysian Construction Industry Excellence Awards in the Major Infrastructure category in 2018,” added Faris. The construction work is expected to commence by mid-November and slated for completion by July 2020.









ORANGEBEAM is a construction and development company with over 30 years of experience in delivering highly technical and specialised projects and services. To date, the company has completed more than RM14.1 billion worth of projects in total. Guided by a BOLD Blueprint, ORANGEBEAM looks to disrupt the way it builds and develops the future by combining the company’s sector expertise with selective technologies in delivering highly technical and specialised offerings to its customers.