New Roofing System Offers New Aesthetic


BlueScope Lysaght Malaysia, is set to change the building and residential skyline with the latest additions to its premier steel roofing Lysaght® 360 Seam™ series.

Taking the lead in steel building products, BlueScope Lysaght recently introduced its Lysaght® 360 Seam™ 38 and Lysaght® 360 Select Seam™, which allow more contemporary and aesthetically-pleasing roof designs of commercial and residential buildings. Lysaght® 360 Seam™ is an integrated roofing solution with the technology to ensure maximum thermal and sound comfort.

Another big project in Singapore that uses the same technology – Pit Building.

“Lysaght® 360 Seam™ was developed to cater to the growing trend among Malaysian developers and house-buyers for premium quality products and finishings,” says Heon Chee Shyong, President of BlueScope Lysaght Malaysia

“With Lysaght® 360 Seam™ profiles, roofs can be more varied and fluid in design, with the option of lower pitched, tapered or curved roofs.”

“There is no longer a need to follow conventional roof designs common in older buildings. The demand for premium steel roofing products in the residential, commercial and industrial segments has been increasing over the last five years, and we foresee this trend continuing.”

The versatility of the Lysaght® 360 Seam™, which allows for creative roof designs has demonstrated BlueScope Lysaght’s leading position in the building products industry. As the latest series is now the preferred roofing material due to its multiple capabilities and ability to accommodate any roof geometry and design, it has become a replacement for clay tiles.

Besides its aesthetic qualities, the Lysaght® 360 Seam™ is low maintenance roofing with weather-proofing abilities, durable against natural weathering and with a high resistance towards dirt, staining and corrosion. It also includes sound insulation properties and smart gliding features to counter contraction and expansion of roofs due to heat.

Lysaght® 360 Seam™ is not only environmentally beneficial but is also helps to increase the safety of a building or home with long-coverage of steel roofs preventing overhead entry burglaries.

“BlueScope Lysaght’s steel roofing technologies can be seen on several notable developments such as the Home Affairs Ministry Complex in Jalan Duta, a premier condominium by Sunrise Berhad in Mont Kiara and residential houses in Setia Eco Park.”

The 25-year material warranty on Lysaght® 360 Seam™ indicates the faith we have in our products. With the availability of Lysaght® 360 Seam™, we hope to further showcase the capabilities of our products in future projects.”

Singapore’s Outram MRT that uses BlueScope Lysaght’s technology.

Featured in a total of 18 projects over the last 12 months, Lysaght® 360 Seam™ can also be seen in upcoming projects such the Waterfront commercial and residential development in Putrajaya.

Lysaght® 360 Seam™ is available in Clean COLORBOND® steel SPECTRUM Series with three colours, Pebble Grey, Bronzite Bronze and Champagne Gold, all with a metalic finish.

Launched in 2008, Lysaght® 360 Seam™ is part of BlueScope Lysaght’s existing Residential Solutions services, aimed at meeting residential and commercial roofing needs by providing kit homes, framing systems and individual components.

Residential Solutions provides after-sales services and consultations aided by a team of technical experts.

About the company:
BlueScope Lysaght Malaysia is a majority owned subsidiary of BlueScope Steel Limited, the largest steel group in Australia and Asia. Established since 1968, BlueScope Lysaght Malaysia has grown into part of the largest global network of roll-formers. As a manufacturer and a steel solutions provider, BlueScope Lysaght Malaysia offers a broad range of roofing, wall cladding and structural systems made from ZINCALUME® steel and Clean COLORBOND® steel. The company is the first roll former in Malaysia. It has a strong presence in Peninsula and East Malaysia, and now has offices in major Malaysian cities, as well as manufacturing facilities in Shah Alam, Kuching and Kota Kinabalu.