National Achievers Congress 2016 Malaysia, One World Hotel


Living legends who leave behind a legacy of excellence and success…

National Achievers Congress with Living Legends: Leaving A Legacy features two legendary success gurus and timeless motivational speakers, Denis Waitley and Tom Hopkins. The two-day annual flagship event was held in One World Hotel, Petaling Jaya, from 12-13th May 2016 and was brought specially to Malaysia by Success Resources. For two straight working days, National Achievers Congress (NAC) 2016 has been headlined by business gurus and motivational icons, including the living legends themselves, Denis Waitley and Tom Hopkins. Also featured was an exclusive video broadcast on Jim Rohn, and seven other guest speakers exclusively invited to Kuala Lumpur for the Malaysian chapter of NAC.



Denis Waitley is one of America’s most respected authors, keynote speakers and productivity consultants on high performance human achievement. He has inspired, challenged and entertained audience for over 30 years from the board-rooms of Fortune 500 multinational corporations (MNCs) to the locker rooms of Olympic and Superbowl champions. Tom Hopkins is widely recognized as the world’s leading authority on selling techniques and salesmanship. His book “How to Master the Art of Selling’ had surpassed 1.4 million copies in sales worldwide, and is a must-have reference guide for traders and entrepreneurs. He has also written three best-selling skills books for the popular ‘Dummies’ series.


For over 40 years, Jim Rohn, who passed on in 2009, was regarded as one of the most influential thinkers and intellectuals of our time. He co-authored countless books and audio-visual programs, as well as assisted in shaping and motivating hundreds of corporate leaders and business executives from America’s top-ranked Fortune 500 corporations, and tons of personal-development trainers, including the #1 Peak Performance Coach himself Anthony Robbins. An exclusive video broadcast was showcased by SUCCESS magazine, in partnership with Success Resources, to experience the best of Jim’s transformational training methodologies and strategies. Every single one of the speakers featured in NAC is a culmination of years of training and development which literally shaped entire generations of professionals and experts in arts and culture, science and technology, finance and economy, revolutionizing human history.


Powerhouse guest speakers include: J.T. Foxx, the world’s leading #1 wealth coach from USA; Kevin Green, UK’s “Secret Millionaire” – Britain’s foremost business coach and property investor; Peng Joon, world’s leading authority in wealth creation online from Malaysia; Gerry Robert, American bestselling author, mentor and international speaker; Sean Seah, master of value investing and “Buffettologist” from Singapore; the lovely Zou Wen Jing, a business specialist and international speaker from China; and not forgetting our very own prodigious talent and genius Vishen Lakhiani, founder & CEO of Mindvalley, an inspirational ‘rags-to-riches’ company. A supplementary edition to the speakers’ itinerary is homegrown local talent Dennis Lau, musical celebrity and violinist extraordinaire who wowed the enthusiastic crowd at the fully sold-out event of the year. Success Resources CEO, Richard Tan also took to the stage to present his keynote address, and introduced the legendary Jim Rohn’s exclusive video.


The audience and participants during NAC 2016 are expected to learn the following:

FINANCIAL EDUCATION – Learn the most effective ways to make money work harder for you, instead of working hard for money, focusing on passive income.

SYSTEMS FOR SUCCESS – Develop the relevant skills in business and leadership that are practical and tailor-made for you. Utilize sales & marketing tools, how to motivate & develop staff, and generate more profit using cutting-edge strategies.

INVESTMENT OPPORTUNITIES – Discover numerous assets and master classes that work best for you which suit individual needs in various industries such as real estate development/investment, commodities, internet marketing, small businesses, entrepreneurship, and leverage options for maximum profit with minimum risk.

BE INSPIRED – Seek greater fulfilment in life via intuition, self-awareness, gaining knowledge and dreaming big, as well as contributing to a greater cause than oneself. Live a meaningful life according to personal plan, design and requirements.


NAC is one of the flagship programs organized by Success Resources. Originally conceived in 1992, this program is designed to help transform personal and professional lives via financial education, as well as empowerment of knowledge shared by distinguished and esteemed speakers. This program is conducted annually across diverse regions of Asia, Australia, South Africa, North America and Europe. For additional info on ticketing and other events, kindly visit our webpage at:  www.nacmalaysia.com, and Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/srseminars

Below: Zou Wen Jing flanked by Richard Tan (CEO) with wife, and Chong Koh Vui (country GM)











DCaw (L-R): Zou Wei Jing, Tom Hopkins and the wife of Richard Tan (CEO, Success Resources Malaysia)

dfceawfc Denis Waitley in a photo session prior to an interview with the host of The Leaderonomics Show