67.3% of Malaysians were between the age of 15 to 64 in 2010 according to Department of Statistics Malaysia.

A relatively young country, demand for housing should theoretically rise correspondingly in the ensuing years. Logically, there will be more buyers coming on stream, hence the reason for the robust property market.


Why then are the big majority of estate agents serving the sellers and not the buyers? Is it purely because commissions are paid by the sellers? If so, why can’t buyers be charged a fee by estate agents who render a good and efficient service? For example, when a buyer lands the best deal negotiated by his estate agent, he saves from a costly affair. Shouldn’t the estate agent be rewarded for his diligence, analysis, recommendation, negotiation, documentation etc? Or is such practice only reserved for the big boys in the commercial world?

If there are more young people entering the workforce and with very manageable paychecks only in the beginning, why would new Malaysian properties be so far from their affordability? Who are the developers, the State Corporations and the government building the properties for?

For the market to be fair and equitable, efficient and effective, focus is paramount. It is rather puzzling to see State Corporations and government bodies vying for the same pie with private developers in building housing. Whose job is it really? For that matter, what is everyone’s core responsibility and purpose?

It is likely those who read this article were brought up to respect the bankers but they now inherit the wolves label more than the wolves themselves. So are the banks really here to help the people or is it just about the bottom line? How many billions would then be enough?

When we buy and sell properties, we buy and sell with a price. Who determines this price? If it’s the market, then it’d be willing buyer and seller. But then the valuers tell you there’s other computations involved. Well and accepted. But when the loan application is rejected, the answer is because there wasn’t any transaction based on that price. So how?

Increasingly, people are savvier as technology innovates ahead of each other. Every software and hardware introduced is supposed to make our world smaller, faster, closer and speedier. But more and more people work around the clock and knocking off past dinner time, some even past bed time. Has this become a norm, a habit or is this modern slavery?

Fast forward to the future, if all of us slave pass dinner and bedtime day-in day-out between the statistical able age of 15 to 64, can you imagine what our children will be like in 20 years? What our world will be like in 2034? Can our health still support us? Where will our family be?