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What’s in this edition?

So says the Group CEO of United Malayan Land Bhd.


For the People at Putra 1 Apartments Understanding the needs of the market and now, see it at the gallery. Another proud development by United Malayan Land Bhd.

The Blossoming Gardens of the UK Somewhere up there is a poetic development by IJM Land Bhd.

Homefinder Property & Investment Exhibition The inaugural exhibition by Homefinder.

Make a Fortune with Make Big Money via Land Discover the secrets behind the biggest investments – Land.

The Holistic Trinity – Mont’ Kiara/Sri Hartamas/Dutamas Bet you’ve not seen it the way like Christopher Lim, Co-Founder and Senior Vice President of Property Hub Sdn Bhd has.

Is the GST for Everyone? Demystify the myth here with Ng Choon Jin, Executive Director of SL Ng Tax Services Sdn Bhd.

Hong Kong Looking In Interests streaming through from hong Kong with Frankie Wong, Chairman of Association of Asia Investor.



To be or not to be the Next President? So what if you’ve won the Nobel Peace Prize?

Honoring Aging Parents Remember them because they’ve watched you grow, even when you couldn’t walk nor talk in your early years.

Uncovering the Pain behind Your Child’s Anger There’s a story when they’re always upset about something.

Making Work Easier – The Science of Managing Behavior Behavior seems to be the lead character or culprit according to Laletha Nithiyanandan, Managing Director of Talent Design Potential and Behavioral Consulting Group.

10 Reasons to Adopt a Pet Surely they deserve a home too.


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An Earnest Deposit

There’s something about…
Situated at a promising spot but never really took off as a business or commerce hub as well as its rival siblings in the country.
Had a promising bout of property play but was marred by crisis and left many projects abandoned.
It’s a notorious state, so thought most of its peers and neighbor.
The new monumental project was not received well in the beginning until about five to six years later.
Questions and doubts arose thereafter from the stratosphere if it is a miracle or a bubble.
The state emerges with new records but now again dismayed by its ruler’s preferred work and rest days.
Still, there’s something about Johor!

There must be reasons why Johor behaves the way it has. Located at the sweetest spot on the Peninsular Malaysia right next to the developed and first world status Singapore, it could have thrived beyond Kuala Lumpur and Penang. But it did not.

It could have produced real good talent to work the state forward given its proximity to good quality education of Singapore, but it did not. It could have made it as the haven for supporting operations to compliment the more expensive Singapore enterprises, still it didn’t really expand that far.

There could have been magic coming from Johor but sadly, it is only mostly known for its crime, abandoned projects, crime, the Sultan and his highness’ family, crime and more crime. No thanks to the media, Johor is our favorite cowboy town for a good part of our memory, even until the new mask of Iskandar Malaysia.

From my personal experience, the state of Johor did incite some fear whenever I needed to visit or pass through the state. How do I know? Because I didn’t even bother going there for fear of my safety when I was employed in Singapore back in 1999. The thought of landing in Johor chills my spine. The introduction of Iskandar Malaysia years later didn’t change my perception either.

But life is a funny adventure; that which you fear most will find its way round to charm you. The most prominent evidence of this – none other than my wife who hails right out of the city of Johor Bahru. When you court, you eat and jalan-jalan. I had some of the best dishes in JB from breakfast right to supper; this is no romantic bliss I assure you.

Professional life also opened the doors for me to meet some of the friendliest and unpretentious people in the business. For the lack of a better way to describe it, they are unlike the vultures you see in big city Kuala Lumpur. I must confess, I pondered at one time if I should relocate to the state. And for the record, I wasn’t robbed, threatened and neither did I experience any road rage whilst there. The most glaring could only be the Ah Beng spotlights and their neon hairdos. Otherwise, it is truly a good place to be in.

Mr Charlie Chia, Group CEO of UMLand in our cover story also struck me as a friendly, unpretentious and non-vulture-like person. I begin to wonder, is there something in the water that they drink? Or the air they breathe? Or is it because by being neighbors to Singapore, they are inspired to be friendlier? I can’t tell and never will. There’s just something about Johor.

Ivan Tan