Home Is Truly Where The Heart Resides…


Making Your Own Home Wherever You May Live, Or Might Be Living…

Humans often develop great emotional attachment to the places they reside in, as well as display a strong sense of financial expectations for stability and security in their future life. Our personal identity and sense of belonging sometimes stem from the places we constantly associate with, notwithstanding work colleagues, office spaces and watering holes. Having a physical infrastructure to complement our daily activities provides credence, meaning and purpose to our lives. It is that feeling when you found a place, you know you have finally arrived. It is utter joy and contentment living in your own house surrounded by family and friends – spreading the love, as well as sharing the affection throughout the entire home.

The quest for personal fulfillment is never complete without having a home which you can proudly call your own. Yet, for many people, home can be found in the most unlikely of places – places which they feel attached to or are most comfortable being with – whether it is the local library, a scenic lakeside pond, or one’s favourite shopping mall. Home is literally where your heart lies or belongs. Home is also the place where you spend most of your time working, playing and resting. It is the one and only place that you would rather stay for the rest of your life, together with loved ones. Naturally, a home keeps you warm, safe & secure.


It is a timeless tradition of “homecoming” or returning to one’s hometown during festivities and the holiday season to visit our parents and relatives at home. This is also an appropriate time to introspect or to ponder upon fostering closer ties and relationships with our family members, siblings and next-of-kin. This customary practice also strengthens the social bond between family members as well as immediate relatives. It is also one of the key factors in preserving the entire social fabric in any community. For the majority of people the world over, the home typically represents the core or “epi-centre” of their livelihood, and is perceived as the ultimate symbol of social security. As we reflect on those who do not have a home to live in, we ask ourselves if a physical home is essential or a prerequisite in inculcating a feeling of “homeliness” wherever we may reside. A wise sage once said, “It takes hands to build a house, but only hearts can build a home.” – HFM